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Electric motors are vital in many applications, like vehicles, appliances, and machinery, for their efficiency and reliability. But when these motors reach the end of their life or become obsolete, they shouldn’t be thrown away as waste. Recycling scrap electric motors in Brisbane is a sustainable solution, preserving valuable materials and natural resources.

  • MetalBiz Recyclers understands sustainable practices and responsible waste management.
  • That’s why we accept a wide range of scrap electric motors, including tools and starter motors.
  • Contact our Brisbane scrap metal experts today for a quote and to find out your scrap motors’ value.
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    We Are The No.1 Scrap Electric Motor Dealer in Brisbane

    Locating the ideal buyer is crucial when selling electric motor scrap in Brisbane. You want a buyer who respects your time, gives exceptional customer service, and offers fair prices. If you’re looking to sell scrap electric motors in Brisbane, go no farther than scrap electronics recycling Brisbane, your reliable partner. Our specialized team offers easy and safe removal of all types of electronic motors and various other scraps, including copper scraps, tires and wheels scraps, air-conditioning scraps, battery scraps, and more.

    Just give us a call or shoot us an email, and we’ll be there to help right away. We focus on making our customers happy by offering great prices and a free pickup service. Reach out today to free up space and get the best value for your scrap electric motors.

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    We Are The No.1 Scrap Electric Motor Dealer in Brisbane

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    The Value of Scrap Electric Motors | Copper Content in Electric Motors

    The value of scrap electric motors, including the copper content within them, varies depending on factors such as the type of motor, its weight, and current copper prices. As of October 2023, small electric motors typically sold for around $0.22 per pound. However, prices can fluctuate due to regional variations and market conditions. Smaller motors often contain a higher percentage of copper by weight, with fractional motors containing approximately 9-10%, AC motors 7-9%, and DC motors 15-18% copper.

    At MetalBiz Recyclers, we determine our scrap electric motor prices based on current market rates to ensure fair and accurate pricing for our customers. We closely monitor market trends and adjust our prices accordingly, prioritizing transparency and integrity in our pricing process. Our goal is to keep our customers informed and satisfied by providing clear and transparent calculations for their scrap metal transactions.

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    How We Calculate the Scrap Value of Electric Motors

    Here’s how we calculate the scrap value of electric motors at MetalBiz Recyclers.

    What Can You Expect for Scraping Electric Motors?

    Metalbiz Scrap metal brisbane present a valuable opportunity for recycling, allowing the recovery of precious resources like scrap copper tube, which holds significant market value. The price range for these motors can vary based on factors such as their type, weight, and prevailing market rates for copper scrap in Brisbane.

    Electric motor scrap is worth about 20 cents per pound in Brisbane as of October 2023. However, it’s essential to note that this valuation may vary depending on the specific motor specifications and location.

    Breaking down an example motor into its components, such as copper scrap and steel content, one can anticipate obtaining around $5.79 per kilogram worth of copper and $0.45 per kilogram worth of steel. This totals approximately $5.79 from component sales alone.

    However, it’s crucial to explore different selling options to maximize the potential value of scrap electric motors.

    What Can You Expect for Scraping Electric Motors

    How To Sell Your Electric Motors To Metalbiz

    If you have electric motors to recycle in Brisbane, Australia, Metalbiz can assist you.

    Here’s a simple guide on how to sell your electric motors to us.

    Why Choose Us

    When it comes to recycling electrical motors scrap, MetalBiz stands out as a reliable and trusted choice. Our cutting-edge recycling facility employs advanced technologies and innovative processes to efficiently extract valuable metals from electric motors scrap, contributing to waste reduction and resource conservation.

    At MetalBiz, we prioritize quality control at every step of the recycling process. Our experienced technicians meticulously dismantle electric motors, precisely sort and separate various components and materials to ensure optimal recycling outcomes and the highest levels of purity. Moreover, due to fluctuations in the market, the cost of scrap electric motors varies, but one thing never changes: our dedication to providing fair pricing and top-notch customer support.

    Reasons for Recycling Used Electric Motors

    Electric motors are really important parts found in many things like washing machines, dryers, and drills. When these things stop working, the motors inside them still have value. These motors have copper wires in them, which are valuable and can be taken out and used again.

    There are a few reasons why we recycle electric motors.

    They have metals like copper and aluminum that we can use again to make new things.

    Recycling scrap electric motors help us make less garbage that goes into landfills, which is good for the environment.

    Recycling electric motors helps us save natural resources and means we don’t have to dig up new metals from the ground.

    In addition to being good for the environment, recycling electric motor waste offers companies a great way to make money out of outdated or malfunctioning motors.

    Expert Handling Of Scrap Electric Motors at Metalbiz

    Expert Handling Of Scrap Electric Motors at Metalbiz
    Find Your Local Scrap Electric Motors Recyclers in Brisbane

    Find Your Local Scrap Electric Motors Recyclers in Brisbane

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