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Metal Biz Recyclers provides different bin sizes for demolition sites. We provide free pick-up service and deliver you the best market rates for your scrap. We collect, process, and salvage all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. That’s why we are one of the largest Queensland Scrap Metal Recycling companies.

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    Demolition metal recycling in Brisbane is a booming industry and has become very important to the city’s recycling efforts. However, waste metal from demolition can end up in landfills and harm the environment if not recycled properly.  It is where metal recyclers in Brisbane Metal Biz play their role.

    Waste metal from the demolition of commercial buildings, schools, offices, colleges, warehouses, restaurants, parking lots, and many more are collected by us regularly.

    We have an extensive range of hook-on, flatbeds, specialized skip bin haulage trucks, and other precision tools for the safest and fastest demolition process across Brisbane.

    Brisbane’s Trusted Scrap Metal Recyclers

    When looking into metal recycling in Brisbane, you will need to find a company that recycles both new and old metal. They will work with all different types of metal to recycle, including:

    It means that no matter what the problem you face, there is always someone that can help you out.

    At Metal Biz Recyclers, we salvage all your industrial waste at EPA approved facilities. Moreover, we regularly calibrate our weighbridge so that you can get the best rates.

    We understand how scrap metal recycling is an excellent option for reducing waste, preventing landfills, and giving unwanted materials a new life.

    Our minimum rate of scrap metal recycling is 85, Which means all the metal collected from demolition sites will be reused and will have a new life.

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    Brisbane’s Trusted Scrap Metal Recyclers
    Demolition Metal Recycling Benefits

    Demolition Metal Recycling Benefits

    Demolition metal recycling in Brisbane takes your scrap metal and recycles them into raw material for manufacturing useful materials such as tubing, piping, fittings, fixtures, and metal components. The materials are recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. Some of these items include Stainless steel pipes, street light posts, copper wire and steel pipes, copper tubing and steel beams.  All different types of metal can be recycled and transformed into new products that are useful and helpful to the environment.

    It is surprising how much difference one piece of broken metal can make. Even items as small as a screw can be used Recycled And re-shaped into something valuable and durable.

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    Furthermore, we provide a bin service to save you time and effort.

    If you cannot bring your metal waste to us, simply book a bin online, and we will come to you for waste collection and pay you cash on the spot.

    We also offer scrap car removal for cash service. Call us now at 0468 72 72 72, and we will discuss your needs.

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