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Are you looking for a trusted scrap metal buyer in Ipswich? Look no further than Metal Biz.

  • Sell scraps within a day
  • We buy ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Largest And Well Equipped Scrap Yard
  • FREE scrap collection Ipswich-wide

Get rid of an unwanted car today by selling it for scrap metal.

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    We Buy All Grades and Types of Scrap Metal in Ipswich

    Metal Biz Recyclers is the top Scrap Metal company in the Ipswich area and offers instant cash for cars Ipswich. We have been in this business for more than 14 years.

    We have grown significantly in recent years and invested highly in using the best technology and equipment to provide our services. Our highly calibrated weighbridges and metal shredders allow us to recycle 100% of our scraps and pay you fairly.

    At MetalBiz Recyclers, we process all types and grades of metals. Our customers vary from the general public to large industrial companies. All of our customers are given the same excellent service quality at MetalBiz.

    To learn more about our services, contact our team.

    Scrap Metal in Ipswich

    Fair Pricing is What We Offer at Scrap Metal Ipswich

    Fair Pricing is What We Offer at Scrap Metal Ipswich

    At Metalbiz Scrap Metal Ipswich, we are different because we buy many types of metals, which includes both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, industrial metals, high-temperature alloys, and even precious metals. We want to make sure you get the most money for your scrap metal. Our recycling center can handle all sorts of materials, big or small, from copper and aluminum to stainless steel.

    We understand that the value of scrap metal fluctuates daily, and we are committed to offering you the best cash rates based on the dynamic world scrap metal prices as determined by the London Metal Exchange. As a responsible and authorized second-hand dealer, Metalbiz Scrap Metal Ipswich holds License No 3828577 ensuring that you can trust us with your scrap metal transactions.

    For those seeking “cash for scrap metal Ipswich,” we are your trusted source for top-dollar payouts on your scrap metal items in Ipswich.

    The Services We Offer

    Scrap Metal Collection

    For large-scale commercial scrap car collection to industrial and manufacturing scrap inquiries, Metal Biz will come to you. Please inquire about our free pickup area today.

    Drop Off Your Scrap

    Bring your scrap directly to Metal Biz. You can take advantage of our weighbridge facilities for fast and accurate weighing and competitive market prices for scrap metal.

    On-Site Scrap Removal

    For projects or regular scrap removal, request a Metal Biz scrap bin for scrap metal collection that works like clockwork. Just choose the size you need. It’s that easy.

    Benefits Of Choosing Scrap Metal Recycling Ipswich

    At Scrap Metal Ipswich, we are staunch advocates of the positive environmental impact of scrap metal recycling. By choosing us, you are contributing to a greener, healthier planet. Below are the benefits of scrap metal recycling Ipswich.

    benefits of choosing us

    The Straight-forward Way To Sell Scrap Metal

    Metal Biz’s weighbridge and platform scales get regular accuracy checks from the Council. This is how you know you’ll get a fair price for your scrap metal every time at Metal Biz Recyclers.

    What Scrap Metal Can You Recycle At Metal Biz? All Of It.

    Here are some examples of the common metals we recycle. For more info, submit an inquiry.

    Ferrous Metals

    Non-Ferrous Metals

    What’s the difference between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous?

    The difference between Ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals is Ferrous metals have iron in them. A basic and straightforward way to tell a ferrous metal is to check for rust and see if it’s magnetic. These are both properties of having iron in the metals, making them Ferrous metals.

    Contact Metal Biz to determine how we can solve your Scrap Metal Ipswich problems.

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    Cash for Scrap Metal Ipswich

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    Our team is experienced in the auto-wrecking industry and knows what it takes to make the whole process easy for you. From the initial cash for cars Brisbane quote to arriving to remove your vehicle for scrap metal, you can expect us to be friendly and helpful.

    Get to Know Some Interesting Scrap Metal Recycling Facts

    Get to Know Some Interesting Scrap Metal Recycling Facts

    Our Metal Recycling Services Covers A Wide Range

    Top Cash for Household Goods Recycling

    We offer top prices on ferrous and non-ferrous metals, excluding prohibited items. Materials we accept include aluminium cans, domestic white goods, copper, brass, and steel offcuts. We also recycle household items such as pots, pans, furniture and plumbing fittings.

    Earn Regular Income From Industrial Scraps

    We purchase various types of industrial scraps collected from demolition sites, manufacturing leftovers or equipment. This provides larger businesses with a convenient way to regularly sell their waste instead of dumping them in landfills or letting it rust in their warehouses.

    Skip Bin For Hire Ipswich

    Bins and cages tailored to your specific scrap metal disposal requirements are available. We provide a broad range of bins and cages for one-time collections as well as continuing agreements. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need help determining which size is best for your requirements.

    FREE Scrap Metal Pick Up In Ipswich

    We provide scrap metal pickup services throughout your neighbourhood. Our fleet of trucks, featuring roll-offs and bobtails, allows us to meet your requirements efficiently and promptly. We operate six days a week to provide you with ample opportunities to deliver your metals to our facility.

    Sell Scrap Cars For Cash

    We provide a hassle-free solution for the removal of car and truck bodies, as well as farm machinery, across Ipswich and its surrounding areas. We pay you top cash for cars and prompt car removal.


    Professional Towing Covering All Major Areas

    Our fleet of trucks extends its reach to cover all parts of Ipswich, encompassing areas like Redbank Plains, Amberley, Willow Bank, and Springfield. In addition to servicing the northside and southside suburbs of Brisbane, including Brendale, Rocklea, and Logan, we offer competitive rates for scrap and waste metal. Moreover, we provide cash for cars and car body removal services.

    Registered dealer from Brisbane City Council

    We Are Certified with BCC

    For both businesses and individuals requiring insurance claims, we, as certified metal recyclers, are equipped to furnish you with a Certificate of Destruction, ensuring that the metal items have been ethically destroyed and won’t re-enter circulation.

    If you are in search of a scrap yard to sell your metal waste, make the wise choice by selecting MetalBiz. We provide top-notch prices, operate a weighbridge certified by the BCC (Brisbane City Council), and offer convenient pick-up services from any location in Ipswich. To reserve a bin or engage with one of our experts, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today.

    Turning Scrap Metal into Cash with Metalbiz

    At MetalBiz, we understand the financial value that recycling scrap metal holds. Many people may not be aware that a wide range of scrap metals can be recycled for cash payments, a practice that not only benefits your wallet but also keeps these valuable materials out of landfills.

    Our customer base includes various industries that regularly handle metal. For instance,

    Construction companies often accumulate tons of steel beams from their structures, electricians frequently deal with old wires and electrical equipment.

    Plumbers might find themselves in possession of old or damaged copper piping and brass fixtures that need proper disposal.

    For individuals with unwanted white goods like fridges and washing machines, our scrap-for-cash service is an excellent way to clear space in your shed, carport, or yard, while putting extra money in your pocket.

    By choosing us for your metal recycling needs, you not only earn money but also ensure that your material is are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner.

    How We Operate the Recycling Process at Our Scrapyard

    At our scrapyard, we follow a systematic process to recycle scrap metal.

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