Scrap Metal bins Brisbane

  • From 1.7m3 to 30m3 Bins available
  • Cash in hand on the same day
  • On-schedule& Free pick up service
  • Eco-friendly protocol
  • Ferrous metals & non-ferrous metals
  • Free of charge service

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    Scrap Metal Bin Options

    Arrange Scrap Metal Bins for one-off purposes or for regular collection.

    Name: Non Ferrous Bin
    Capacity: 1.7M³

    1.7M³ bin

    Name: Non Ferrous Bin
    Capacity: 2.4M³

    2.4M³ bin

    Name: Non Ferrous Bin
    Capacity: 3.4M³

    3.4M³ bin

    Name: 2M³ Marrell
    Capacity: 2M³

    2M³ bin

    Name: Marrell
    Capacity: 9M³

    9M³ bin

    Name: Hook Bin
    Capacity: 12M³

    12M³ bin

    Name: Hook Bin
    Capacity: 20M³

    20M³ bin

    Name: Hook Bin
    Capacity: 30M³

    30M³ bin

    We Buy All kinds of Metal

    Are you looking for a service that can pay you cash for your scrap metal?

    Metal Biz Recyclers provides a great service across Brisbane who wants to sell their metal scrap.

    We deal with all kinds of metals including ferrous and nonferrous metals. Ferrous metals that contain iron are commonly used in architectural and industrial constructions. While Non-ferrous metals that do not contain any iron are commonly used in every device.

    cash for scrap metal

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