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  • From 1.7m3 to 30m3Bins available
  • Cash in hand on the same day
  • On-schedule& Free pick up service
  • Eco-friendly protocol
  • Ferrous metals & non-ferrous metals
  • Free of charge service
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    We Buy All kinds of Metal

    Are you looking for a service that can pay you cash for your scrap metal?

    Metal Biz Recyclers provides a great service across Brisbane who wants to sell their metal scrap.

    We deal with all kinds of metals including ferrous and nonferrous metals. Ferrous metals that contain iron are commonly used in architectural and industrial constructions. While Non-ferrous metals that do not contain any iron are commonly used in every device.

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    How Much Will Scrap Wreckers Pay for Me in Brisbane ?

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    Cash For Scrap Metal In Brisbane

    We realize how much time and money goes into selling scrap metal in Brisbane. That’s why we go to such lengths to make sure your time with us is stress-free and useful.

    We will have a suitable skip bin size solution that can quickly fit into your process. Our team will then come to pick up the bin and pay good money for your scrap metal. Many of your metal waste disposal needs will be met by our services.

    Industrial metal waste removal, building, and demolition metal waste are all covered by our bins.

    Our services are available all over Brisbane, and we provide excellent scrap metal bin service.


    Still Unsure?

    We will assist you with a bin if you are planning a new construction project or a recycling program for your scrap metal. We will assist you if you need a dumpster for a nearby garage or multiple waste bins for demolition projects.

    Dial our numbers now if you want us to pick up your metal scrap for cash Brisbane and we’ll come to get it! We provide residential, industrial, and renovation, and demolition scrap bin facilities to meet the requirement.

    Put your confidence in us and know that when it comes to cash for scrap metal in Brisbane, we got you covered.

    Top-Notch Services

    Scrap metal recycling is a smart way to save the world while still gaining some financial benefits. The advantages include decreasing the need for mining, conserving energy and natural resources, and aiding in the development of the country’s economy. The cherry on top is that it will even put money in your wallet.

    So, if you want to discard all the metal waste no matter the size or quantity, dirty or clean, we have a perfect bin size available for you to choose from without costing you a single penny for pickup service.

    Our Bins, Your Convenience

    We have a large fleet of bins in different sizes available to accommodate your needs. We have affordable options to scrap your metal.

    To enhance the operation of our fleet, our team has invested in a number of technologies, that can easily carry any amount of metal scrap you have. We will meet your needs!

    After the scrap collecting process is over, we will transport the scrap to our scrap yard to be processed for further recycling. Our expert staff will weigh the ferrous and non-ferrous metals and recompense you in cash based on current market values.

    Give us a call and get a free quote, we can provide the best solution for you according to your needs!

    Too Busy to Dispose of your Metal Scrap?

    We understand it is not an easy task to drop off your metal scraps at our store. We have a scrap metal bin service in Brisbane as a company devoted to metal scrap recycling and environmental preservation. This way, we will assist local companies and industries in effectively disposing of metal scrap.

    We will supply you with bins to remove your metal scrap safely without causing harm to your property.

    We will set up a bin at your demolition or industrial site. Once it is filled with metal scrap we will come and pick it up and return it to our yard without charging you any fees.

    Scrap Metal Bin Options

    Arrange Scrap Metal Bins for one-off purposes or for regular collection.

    Name: Non Ferrous Bin
    Capacity: 1.7M³

    1.7M³ bin

    Name: Non Ferrous Bin
    Capacity: 2.4M³

    2.4M³ bin

    Name: Non Ferrous Bin
    Capacity: 3.4M³

    3.4M³ bin

    Name: 2M³ Marrell
    Capacity: 2M³

    2M³ bin

    Name: Marrell
    Capacity: 9M³

    9M³ bin

    Name: Hook Bin
    Capacity: 12M³

    12M³ bin

    Name: Hook Bin
    Capacity: 20M³

    20M³ bin

    Name: Hook Bin
    Capacity: 30M³

    30M³ bin

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