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Scrap Metal Bin Options

Arrange Scrap Metal Bins for one-off purposes or for regular collection.

Name: Non Ferrous Bin
Capacity: 1.7M³

Scrap Metal Bins

Name: Non Ferrous Bin
Capacity: 2.4M³

Scrap Metal Bins

Name: Non Ferrous Bin
Capacity: 3.4M³

Scrap Metal Bins

Name: 2M³ Marrell
Capacity: 2M³

Scrap Metal Bins

Name: Marrell
Capacity: 9M³

Scrap Metal Bins

Name: Hook Bin
Capacity: 12M³

Name: Hook Bin
Capacity: 20M³

Name: Hook Bin
Capacity: 30M³

Benefits of scrap metal collection with Metal Biz.
Save time with scheduled ‘set and forget’ collections.
Streamline scrap metal removal for one-off projects.
Make money from your scrap with no extra effort.
Call For Scrap Metal Rates
Marell, Hook & Standard bins to suit your needs.
Council-tested weighbridge with unparalleled accuracy.
Stability of Brisbane’s most dedicated scrap yard.

For Reliable Scrap Metal Service, We’ll Be There

Metal Biz will arrange a Scrap Metal Bin for your business.

We regularly supply bins for

Construction sites
Fencing companies
Window makers
Engineering sites

Common Scrap We Buy

Off cuts
Metal turnings
Manufacturing scrap
Decommissioned machinery
Construction scrap
Steel, copper, aluminium, & more

Due to safety requirements, we can only collect scrap metal for commercial, industrial or construction sites. Strictly no domestic or home locations.


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