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MetalBiz has been serving QLD since 2007. We have gained extensive experience and goodwill from our customers within these years. And We offer top-quality Scrap Metal in Slacks Creek and offer a way to use available metal resources to preserve the environment.

Cash for cars removal

We pride ourselves on offering flexible, transparent, and adaptable services across Queensland.

We have services to suit all types of customers; whether they require assistance for large industrial cleanups or simply small-scale projects, we have services to satisfy all kinds of customers.

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    Best Rates in Slacks Creek

    Our access to clients all over Australia and our business model help us provide competitive rates to our customers.

    Professional staff

    We have trained staff to provide quality scrap metal recycling and sorting in our branches. And our customer service team is available around the clock to answer your questions and inquiries.

    Friendly Approach

    We are a 100% Australian-owned business. We have built lasting relationships with our suppliers all over the country by ensuring the best experience possible.

    Purpose-built Facility

    Our facilities are large enough to process a large number of scrap metals. We have an accurately calibrated weighbridge on-site that helps customers get accurate measurements of their scrap.

    Services to suit everyone.

    Our customers are different, so are their needs. That’s why we offer FREE scrap removals for a large number of scraps; we have drop-off locations where customer can drop their scraps and also provide on-site bins for customer’s ease.

    The Services We Offer

    Scrap Metal Collection

    For large-scale commercial scrap collection, to industrial and manufacturing scrap inquiries, Metal Biz will come to you. Please inquire about our free pickup area today.

    Drop off your scrap

    Bring your scrap directly to Metal Biz. You can take advantage of our weighbridge facilities for fast and accurate weighing and competitive market prices for scrap metal.

    On-Site Scrap Removal

    For projects or regular scrap removal, request a Metal Biz Scrap Bin for scrap metal collection that works like clockwork. Just choose the size you need. It’s that easy.

    The Most Reliable Scrap Metal Buyer in Slack Creeks

    MetalBiz recycles and processes both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals. These metals are sourced from the general public, dismantlers, demolition contractors, and large industries.

    We have a large fleet of vehicles that provide FREE removal services all over the region. We have services such as scrap pickups, drop-off locations, and on-site bins to fulfil customers’ needs.

    For large industrial wastes, we also offer services such as cutting, shearing, sorting to make the recycling process easy.

    For more information about our services, call us or fill our inquiry form.

    The Straight-forward Way To Sell Scrap Metal

    Metal Biz’s weighbridge and platform scales get regular accuracy checks from the Council. This is how you know you’ll get a fair price for your scrap, every time, at Metal Biz Recyclers.

    What scrap metal can you recycle at Metal Biz? All of it.

    Here are some examples of the common metals recycled. For more info, submit an inquiry.

    Ferrous Metals

    Non-Ferrous Metals

    What’s the difference between Ferrous and Non-Ferrous?

    The difference between Ferrous  & non Ferrous metals is Ferrous metals have iron in them. A basic and straightforward way to tell a ferrous metal is to check for rust and see if it’s magnetic. These are both properties of having iron in the metals, making them Ferrous metals.
    Contact Metal Biz to determine how we can solve your Scrap Metal Slacks Creek problems.

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    Our team is experienced in the auto-wrecking industry and knows what it takes to make the whole process easy for you. From the initial cash for cars quote to arriving to remove your vehicle, you can expect us to be friendly and helpful.

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