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Sell your scrap metal in Yatala today. Whether it’s an old car, manufacturing waste, or steel beams from a demolition site, we will buy all scrap for cash.
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    Scrap Metal Recycling In Yatala for a Wide Range of Metals

    MetalBiz has been serving Queensland for the past 15+ years. During this time, we have gained recognition because of our top-quality Scrap Metal Yatala recycling and the ease we offer our customers when selling their metallic scraps.

    With us, you can quickly sell your scrap metal without any hassle. We make it easy for large industries and the general public to sell metal scrap in Yatala and its surrounding areas by offering FREE collection services.

    Our customers expect from us only the best services. That’s why we have calibrated weighbridges installed in all of our branches to offer customers accurate measurements and fair prices for all their metal scraps.

    To know more about our services and earn top dollar, get in touch today.

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    Scrap Metal Recycling In Yatala for a Wide Range of Metals

    Trusted By Thousands Of People All Over Yatala

    List of Scraps Which Are Not Eligible For Our Services

    MetalBiz Recyclers follow the Australian Government’s strict guidelines regarding what type of scrap can be placed in scrap metal recycling bins. This is because most prohibited wastes can cause adverse health, safety, and environmental risks.

    Our customers are prohibited from dropping off the following substances on our site:

    We do not deal with the following goods. So you should refrain from selling us these products. MetalBiz only deals in ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These metals include aluminium, tin, steel, brass, bronze, cast iron, and copper.

    If you have any of the metals mentioned above, give us a call and let us pay you for them.

    Range of Services We Offer

    Scrap Metal Collection

    Metal Biz provides a free scrap metal Yatala collection. Sell us large-scale commercial scrap to industrial and manufacturing scrap with ease. You can inquire about our free pickup schedule today.

    Bring Your Scrap Metal To Us

    Drop off your scrap directly at our location in Yatala. You can take advantage of our weighbridge facilities for fast and accurate weighing and competitive market prices for scrap metal.

    On-Site Scrap Removal

    Request a Metal Biz skip bin for scrap metal collection for projects or regular scrap removal. The whole process is completed by us like clockwork. Just choose the size you need. It’s that easy.

    Completely Customized Service

    From regular waste removal to broader projects, our service is fully scalable to suit your needs. Just mention what type of scrap metal removal you require, and we will accommodate you.

    Large Scale Scrap Metal Yatala Disposals

    We cater to all the large industries in the area. We buy scrap metal from construction sites, demolition locations, and production plants.

    The Straightforward Way To Sell Scrap Metal

    Metal Biz’s weighbridge and platform scales get regular accuracy checks from the Council. This is how you know you’ll get a fair price for your scrap every time at Metal Biz Recyclers.

    We Recycle All Ferrous And Non Ferrous Metals

    Are you wondering what counts for scrap metal Yatala? The simplest answer is all of it. We accept all kinds of metals for cash. Have a look at the list below:

    Ferrous Metals

    Non-Ferrous Metals

    Yatala’s Scrap Metal Pick Up

    Yatala’s Scrap Metal Pick Up At Your Doorstep

    With Metal Biz, it has become super easy to get rid of any type of scrap metal in an eco friendly way. Whether you are getting a fleet of vehicles off your hand or a single car, our team will be at your location for pickup with the right kind of equipment.

    Contact us today to determine how much we can pay for your vehicle.

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    State-or-the-art recycling facility and BCC-tested weighbridge are few of the many reasons how we gained our customers’ trust and became one of Brisbane’s most trusted scrap metal recyclers. Get in touch for an accurate quote.

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