Tips to Sell & Get the Most Cash for Scrap Cars

Tips to Sell & Get the Most Cash for Scrap Cars

If your car is no longer drivable and getting it fixed doesn’t make sense, you might be tempted to walk away from it. Don’t. You can make cash for scrap car removal, even the worst clunkers. Your beat-up old car is worth something. You can sell cars for scrap metal to a scrap yard near you. Good scrap yards will offer a scrap car removal service from your property – handy if your car is un drivable!

Sell a Car for Scrap … what’s your car worth?

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The value of a scrap car lies in two areas – spare parts and the steel in your car. If your car has lots of serviceable spare parts and there’s solid demand for those second spare parts, that will be reflected in the price you’ll get offered when you sell your car for scrap.


Generally, the value of your scrap car lies in the amount of steel that can be recycled. The market price for recycled steel varies. Heavy vehicles can be worth a lot more. It never hurts to ask for a quote. Quotes cost nothing and are obligation-free.


Besides being more environmentally friendly, it makes good financial sense to contact a scrap dealer when trying to offload an old car. Getting some cash is better than getting no cash. Plus, if they offer free scrap car removal the hardest thing you’ll have to do is make the phone call.


Tips for Getting the Most Cash for Scrap Cars

Tips to Get the Most Cash for Scrap Cars

Look, you can ring any scrap metal dealer and they’ll take even the worse looking car off your hands. But if you are prepared to do a little legwork, you can maximise what you are paid when you sell your car for scrap.

  1. Firstly, find a reputable scrap yard near you. Make a few phone calls, check them out online, ask questions. Good scrap yards won’t muck you around. If they want to do business, they should go out of their way to make it easy for you.
  2. Secondly, be realistic about your expectations. A small lightweight written-off Hyundai is going to be worth less than your Grandpa’s old truck. Remember, the amount of steel that can be recycled and the demand for spare parts plays a big role in assessing the value of your scrap car pickup.
  3. Third, if you reckon there are some useful spare parts in your car, make a note of them and clean them up. That starter motor – get out the wire brush and present it in the best possible light. An old engine full of grime, twigs and cobwebs is going to not be as appealing to a buyer as an engine that looks like it has been cared for.
  4. Finally, have your paperwork in order. Okay, the car you want to sell for scrap may not be registered, you may not even have proof of ownership, but if you do, having proof of ownership will help.


Getting Cash for Scrap Cars in Brisbane

There are scrap yard dealers all around Australia. If you live in around Brisbane, Metal Biz Recyclers will pay cash for cars in Brisbane area. We’ve got yards in Slacks Creek, Geebung, or Rocklea. Alternatively, you can request a quote online and if our offer price interests you, we’ll travel around greater Brisbane (including to the Gold Coast) and collect your car for free.

Met Biz pays cash for cars – that’s cash, not cheques or EFT. And not only cars. We’ll buy trucks, buses, and 4WDs. We’ve all driven down M1 and seen the old trucks and buses slowly going to seed in paddocks. They’re loaded with steel and quite valuable. If you’ve got any in your back paddock, giving us a call could be the smartest move you’ve made all week.


Think about it


A scrap car, no matter how battered, has some value. But it’s just junk sitting in your yard. Metal Biz can turn that piece of junk into cash.


Last updated on September 26th, 2023 at 03:12 am