Sell My Car for Cash in Brisbane | We Buy Your Car Up to $9,999

Sell My Car for Cash in Brisbane | We Buy Your Car Up to 9K

You can sell your car for cash with minimal hassle by making sure that it is strategically priced. Sorting serious buyers and advertising it correctly will also reduce headaches associated with this process.

Conditions to Sell My Car

sell my car for cash

When do you know that the time has come for you to sell a used car? The following are some of the conditions to look for:

1. The car no longer meets your travel needs

Life is bound to change. You may land a new job, move to a new city, start a family, watch as your kids head to college—these are some of the events that determine how a car owner uses it. When they change, the owner needs to change with them.

2. When the costs to keep the car running are more than its actual worth

Ideally, the best time to offload the vehicle is when it’s in good condition. But what if it requires some maintenance? It does not make sense to spend $2,000 on repairs on a car worth the same amount.

3. When it no longer feels safe to drive it

Your vehicle may start well every time you start the ignition, but it may have issues with stopping due to worn-out brakes. Such a car is not safe.

Options to Sell Your Car in Brisbane

If planning on selling your old car, you should consider the options available to you below:

  1. As a used car—if the vehicle is still running, you can always sell it privately, to a dealership, or online.
  2. Car parts—this is recommended for vehicles that are difficult to advertise, severely damaged, or old.
  3. Trade-in—Trading it in is an option applicable to someone who is thinking of purchasing a better vehicle.
  4. As a Junk car—many scrap metal yards will gladly take the car from your hands and proceed to tear it apart.


Best Way to Sell Your Undrivable Car for Cash


Best Way to Sell Your Undrivable Car for Cash

Selling a personal car, whether running, stalled or damaged can be heartbreaking. But junking it is probably the easiest way to go about it. But before you junk it, you ought to do a few things first:


  1. Sort out the paperwork—while the car may be old and damaged, some scrap yard owners will want proof that the car actually belongs to you. Get your paperwork in order.


  1. Locate all your personal belongings—the reality is that car owners tend to leave lots of things inside their vehicles. Check under the seats, trunks, and storage compartments.


  1. Check for valuable parts—in case you had added some aftermarket parts, make sure to remove them. They will not make any difference if selling the vehicle for scrap.


  1. Use up the gasoline—scrap car removal yards will generally drain all the fluids before crashing the car. Any old gas left inside the smoky vehicle can prove dangerous.


  1. Cancel your insurance—if your vehicle had been running recently and was insured, make sure to cancel the cover before selling it.


The process of getting rid of an old vehicle does not need to be a hassle. Just make sure its paperwork is in order, clean out your stuff, and locate a junkyard that is willing to give you a great deal for it.

Reasons to Choose Metal Biz 

Reasons to Choose Metal Biz

  1. Professional recyclers with 3 convenient locations around Brisbane.
  2. We offer the best prices because we process your cars on-site.
  3. We own specialised equipment for removing harmful fluids, oils, and petrol.
  4. Have invested in water run-off protection to preserve Brisbane waterways.
  5. We are a long-standing local business with professional and friendly staff.
  6. Very convenient. All you need is your Drivers License or photo ID.
  7. Your car does not need to be drivable. We will pick it up for free.
  8. You don’t need the rego slips to sell to Metal Biz.
  9. We pay real cash for your junk car – not a cheque or direct deposit.
  10. Quote free and quickly over the phone or via this site.
  11. We offer a same-day service if booked before 2 PM.

Steps to Take to Sell Your Car Fast

1. Get a Free Quote

Fill out the form or call now on 1300 72 72 72 and we’ll let you know how much cash you can get for your car.

2. Free Car Removal

In most cases, we can send the truck today to collect your scrap car removal in Brisbane. It’s certainly the easiest way to dispose of your unwanted car.

3. Get Cash for Cars

That’s it! We’ll help you with any paperwork and you get instant cash. 

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

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