Sell Your Scrap Copper To Metal Biz For Quick Cash

Not to mention, you’ll also get paid a competitive market price for it in return. You can bring your scrap copper directly to us or, for larger scale scrap collections, we can arrange to pick it up for free. Visit our scrap metal page to get a quote or make an enquiry.  

Why Sell Copper?

Copper is one of the oldest metals mined by humans and has been in use for 10,000 years. The smelting of copper in the 4th century BC gave birth to the Bronze Age. During this time virgin ore was melted down and cast into decorative and household goods, weapons and coins.

Today there is an increasing demand for recycled copper as it has excellent conductive properties. This is why it’s used for electrical wiring and hot water pipes. Recycling copper also uses 85-90% less energy than the process of mining new copper, making it a highly desirable, environmentally friendly material.

Copper is one of the more lucrative non-ferrous scrap metals you can sell to us. ‘Non-ferrous’ means that it doesn’t have iron in it. Ferrous metals such as cast iron and steel are the most sought after because they are widely used in construction.

Preparing Your Copper

You can expect to get a reasonable profit for scrap copper in its purest form (i.e., without any other metals or alloys) but it depends on what the copper was used for and its condition. Preparing your copper for sale will help you get the best price.

Copper solids are the most valuable; they consist of pure unalloyed copper, such as copper tubing, copper wire and copper sheeting. Before dropping off your scrap copper sort it into different categories. If it is pre-sorted, it will give you a better price than if it is lumped together in one pile.

Copper wire is generally found in electronics and is classified as either high grade or low grade. Stripping off the insulation coating off copper wire will get you a better price than if it is left on.

Our Coverage Areas

With three locations in Brisbane; Rocklea, Slacks Creek, and Geebung scrap yards, and accurate weighbridge and platform scales, Metal Biz is a hassle-free way to sell your scrap copper.

Once you have your copper sorted, jump online and contact Metal Biz to find out what our competitive market prices are for scrap copper, or give us a call on 1300 72 72 72.

Last updated on January 18th, 2024 at 05:50 am