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Did you know that small and medium-sized businesses contribute to about 70% of waste in factories and offices, but only a small fraction of it is recycled? Metalbiz is here to help your business make a difference. We offer specialized services to assist SMEs in properly recycling their waste, whether it’s old electronics, metal scraps, or other materials.

Our goal is to

  • Reduce waste sent to landfill
  • Increase resource recovery and recycling
  • Decrease waste management costs for your business
  • Enhance environmental sustainability
  • Convenient and cost-effective solutions
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    We Accept Wide Range of Recyclable Materials

    You can recycle various materials with us, including chemicals, e-waste, furniture, glass, metals, organic material, paper, plastics, textiles, and wood. We provide bins ranging from 240L for small businesses up to 4.5 cubic meter bulk bins for larger sites, collected weekly from your street frontage for added convenience.

    At Metalbiz, our dedicated team is available to discuss your business requirements and address any inquiries you may have. We strive to provide the ideal waste management solution tailored to your needs. Our services adhere to the highest regulatory and environmental standards, ensuring secure collection, processing, treatment, recycling, and disposal of your vehicle waste.

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    We Accept Wide Range of Recyclable Materials
    We Offer Effective Waste Management Solutions for Your Business

    We Offer Effective Waste Management Solutions for Your Business

    At Metalbiz, we offer essential waste and resource recovery services designed to meet the needs of various industries. Whether you operate in retail, hospitality and entertainment, municipal and local government, commercial property and facilities, mining and resources, or health and aged care, we’ve got you covered.

    Our Services Include:

    • General Waste and Recycling
    • Liquid Waste Management
    • Hazardous Regulated Waste Disposal
    • Health and Biohazardous Waste Disposal
    • Waste Oil Management
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    Business Recycling Made Simple with Metalbiz

    Recycling isn’t just for homes—it’s essential for businesses too. By recycling at work, you’re not only helping the environment but also saving valuable resources and reducing landfill waste. With state government landfill levies on the rise, understanding and managing waste management fees becomes crucial for cost savings.

    At Metalbiz, we make business recycling easy with our user-pays recycling service. Whether you need weekly or fortnightly collections, we’ve got you covered with our convenient wheelie bin or bulk bin options. Our user-pays service ensures that you only pay for what you use, with bin sizes ranging from 240 to 340 liters for wheelie bins and 660 liters to 4.5 cubic meters for bulk bins.

    5000+ Customers Served

    5000+ Customers Served

    Serving our customers and communities across Australia with a steadfast commitment to safety and quality.


    Renewable Energy Commitment

    Renewable Energy Commitment

    Generating approximately 190 GWh of renewable energy annually, and continuously growing as we combat climate change in our unique approach.


    ASX100 Recognition

    ASX100 Recognition

    Being listed on the ASX100 not only reflects our strong performance but also ensures reliability for our customers and team members alike.


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    Your Responsibilities and Our Collection Guidelines

    Metalbiz is committed to responsible waste management practices, and we encourage our customers to adhere to certain responsibilities to ensure efficient and sustainable recycling processes. Here are some key points regarding responsibilities and complaint lodging.

    • Ensure items are clean and free from any contaminants.
    • Place batteries and electronic products separately and never in any of your bins.
    • For battery recycling, utilize designated drop-off points at various locations, including Council’s resource recovery centers, supermarkets, and electronics stores.
    • Follow proper disposal methods for specific items like e-waste, mobile phones, and ink cartridges.
    • When putting containers in your recycling bin, make sure the lids are on.

    For further assistance or to schedule a collection, please contact Metalbiz.

    Responsibilities Our Collection Guidelines

    Lodging a Complaint

    If you encounter any issues related to waste management, such as uncovered bins or improper disposal by others, address the matter politely and directly with the property owner or occupier. Effective communication can often resolve issues without the need for formal complaints.

    If you need to lodge a complaint regarding waste management issues, Metalbiz provides a straightforward process to address your concerns.

    Contact Metalbiz

    Reach us directly via phone or email to report any waste management issues or concerns. Our team is dedicated to addressing customer feedback promptly and effectively.

    Phone: tel:0468727272

    Provide Details

    When lodging a complaint, provide relevant details such as the nature of the issue, the specific location or property involved, and any other pertinent information that can assist in resolving the matter.

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    Benefits of Recycling for SMEs

    Recycling offers numerous advantages for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), contributing to their overall success and sustainability. Here are some key benefits.

    Tips for Effective Waste Management at Your Business

    Tips for Effective Waste Management at Your Business

    Hassle-Free Scrap Bin Service – At MetalBiz, We Do The Heavy Lifting For You!

    • Assess how much waste your business generates regularly to understand your waste production.
    • Explore opportunities to minimize waste by revising procurement practices and reusing materials where possible.
    • Identify local recyclers and ensure your waste and recycling collection contracts align with your recycling goals.
    • Establish clear systems for separating recyclable materials at your business premises.
    • Provide training and signage to facilitate proper waste sorting among your staff.

    Signage for Effective Waste Management

    Installing clear and informative signage near bins in your workplace or apartment complex can greatly enhance recycling and waste recovery efforts. Here are some suggestions for using signage effectively.

    Create signs

    Create signs that clearly indicate what types of waste should be placed in each bin. Use visual symbols and concise instructions to make sorting easier for everyone.

    Use color coded labels

    Use color-coded labels to differentiate between different types of bins. For example, yellow labels for recycling bins, red labels for landfill bins, and green labels for organic waste bins.

    Consider making or using signs

    Consider making or using signs at home to assist with sorting waste into different bins. Clearly label bins for recycling, landfill, and other specific waste categories to encourage proper disposal.

    If applicable, provide signage

    If applicable, provide signage directing people to resource recovery centers where they can dispose of items like e-waste and textiles. Include information on what items are accepted at these centers.

    Encourage donation

    Encourage donation of reusable items by placing signs directing people to nearby charity shops where they can donate clothes, furniture, and other goods.

    If applicable, provide instructions

    If applicable, provide instructions for bottle returns, especially for containers that offer a refund or deposit return. Include information on where to return bottles and how to claim refunds.

    Join Metalbiz Business Recycling Service Today!

    Application Process

    • Businesses must apply to begin a collection service, and participation in the business recycling program is optional.
    • Apply online through our website to kickstart your recycling journey.
    • After applying, a Metalbiz officer will assess your application and contact you to discuss the right bin size for your business.
    • An onsite consultation with our officer may be required before approving a new service.

    Cost of Service

    • There is no start-up fee to join our business recycling service.
    • The weekly fee includes one collection per week for each bin.
    • Invoices are sent quarterly, and charges cannot be added to the rate account for your business property.
    • Wheelie bins can be serviced weekly or fortnightly, while bulk bins must be serviced at least once per week.

    Types of Recycling Bins and Service Fees (inclusive of GST)

    • 240-litre bin: $6.80 per service
    • 340-litre bin: $9.60 per service
    • Bulk bins (660 litres to 4.5 cubic meters): $21.40 per cubic meter per service

    Business Recycling Support

    • Metalbiz offers comprehensive support for your business recycling needs.
    • Free expert business recycling advice through onsite waste assessments.
    • Access to free recycling resources including signs, bin posters, action plans, how-to guides, and fact sheets.
    • Toolbox presentations or education programs for your employees.
    • Assistance conducting waste audits focusing on identifying contamination in your workplace bins.

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