Terms & Conditions  

Please look through the stated terms and conditions before signing up for our services. The terms mentioned comprise statements binding our company and the customers on working legally.

By reading the terms and signing up to avail yourself of our services, you declare the agreement for the conditions stated. 


About Metalbiz

We are a registered and certified car removal company, operating in the industry for over a decade. We stepped into the car removal business to offer car sellers a time-effective and approachable car-selling procedure. You are requested to connect with us through a digital quotation form and receive a fair offer despite the vehicle’s condition.

Limitations to Apply

Our policies are bound to deal with customers above the age of eighteen. Any person residing in a country where our services are not legally accepted cannot employ our services. Please refrain from accessing our site when you don’t fall under the criteria set by our legal department and abide by the limitations we have set to work under.

Our Services

Our services are open to consumers who fall under our eligibility criteria. The call-to-action buttons available on the site help you connect with our team members through a quote form. Once you submit the initial briefs about your vehicle, you will be entitled to receive our fair quote offer within the shortest time. The offers are set for a limited time, after which they can be revoked or altered without prior notice.

Additionally, if any requirement is not met with our criteria, we retain the right to revoke the offer or even terminate it. However, after the monetary exchange, we preserve all the legal rights on the vehicle, and the cash shall not be reimbursed.

Methods of Payments

In order to protect and preserve the safety of our valued customers, we deal with them in cash and now use digital transfer methods. We abide by our protocols. Bank transfers and Osko are the two best alternatives we are accepting for paying the customers.

Acknowledgement By the Users

As a site user, we expect you to adhere to the details provided during the first phase. It is to ensure that you must go through the terms and conditions before using our services and submitting your personal information. Using our site indicates that you have agreed to the terms and conditions framed by us.

As a site user, you acknowledge that:

  • You are above 18 years of age.
  • You are the legal owner of the vehicle you are willing to sell.
  • All the information provided is fair and true in all aspects.
  • The title is free and clear of any claims by the third party.
  • No alterations have been made to the VIN.

Clearance of Vehicle

It is mandated to remove all your personal belongings before handing our team the vehicle. Once the car has been collected, we are not responsible for losing your valued items.

Restricted Actions

No user is allowed to violate the terms and conditions stated by us. The policies framed must be strictly abided by, or we retain all the right to take legal action against the offender. This site must not be used to support any criminal activities or encourage others to violate federal, state, local or international laws. This can result in holding you liable in a civil or criminal case.

Breach Policy

If we inspect any activity by the user of the site about the breach of our terms and conditions, we may immediately cancel or suspend our services. The services can be terminated temporarily or permanently, as per the severity of the breach.

Any reasonable suspicion of fraudulent behavior in relation to the vehicle or our company that we are unable to verify may result in the cancellation of the offer placed.

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy affirms the protection of your data submitted to us. To learn more about our genuine privacy standards, visit the page. Kindly keep the privacy policy in review, as we alter it regularly to keep up with the current policy protocols by law enforcement agencies.

External Link Policy

The external links included on our site in ad links are not an endorsement campaign. The products and services advertised on them do not represent our interests. We are not responsible for any harm caused by using the external links presented on-site.

Exclusion of Guarantees

You acknowledge the use of our services at your own risk. We do not commit to the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the information provided, and we do not guarantee that our services won’t be interrupted during the process. We do not ensure that our services can handle all your needs.

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