The Absolute Quickest Way To Sell Your Car In Brisbane

The Absolute Quickest Way To Sell Your Car In Brisbane

There are many reasons why you may need to sell your car fast.

You may be a backpacker with an old car, helping out a mate or family member, or you may simply need cash quickly. But you don’t need to sacrifice money in exchange for a fast sale. At Metal Biz Recyclers we offer Cash for Cars at the best prices, so you don’t lose out.

We’ll take look at some of the traditional methods of selling a car that’s old or unregistered and compare them with the way Metal Biz works to show you why it’s the absolute quickest way to sell your car in Brisbane.

Selling your car the traditional way


Normally you have to invest quite a lot of time and energy if you’re selling an old or unregistered car this way. First, you need to advertise it online, in the local paper, community noticeboard or magazines, and you may need to pay a fee for advertising depending on your method.

Negotiating prices

Next, figure out what price you’ll sell it for. Even if it’s reasonable be aware that people will still try to knock it down.


Don’t forget photos, you’ll need to take some good ones of the exterior and interior to attract potential buyers. You may also want to put a ‘For Sale sign in the back window with your contact details.


Have you got all the paperwork in order? There are things you need for selling a used vehicle. Do you know the steps to take? Find out more about selling a used vehicle in Queensland.

Shuffling your availability

You’ve had someone contact you, that’s great! But they want to see it when you’re at work. You’ll either have to take time out or ask a friend or family member to help out.

Admitting the faults

If it’s not looking its best, the car will need a good wash and wax, and the interior was given a good once-over. If there are any major issues with the car, you’re obliged to let any potential buyers know what these are.

Getting a dealer on board

If time is of the essence then you may consider trying a dealer. But you won’t get as much as if you sell it privately or to a professional car wrecker like Metal Biz.

Selling your car the Metal Biz way


If you sell your car to us, we remove the hassle of needing to advertise and taking the time off work to show it to people. That’s because we come and collect your car for free — usually on the same day if you booked before 2 pm. We operate from several locations around Brisbane, including Northside, Logan, Ipswich. We don’t mind what condition it’s in when you sell it to us.

Easy process

We can help you with the paperwork involved in the change of ownership. All you need is your driver’s license or photo ID. No registration slips are required.

Instant cash

There’s no need to worry about setting your price and getting knocked down because we can pay top dollar and you’ll get instant cash in hand, not a bank cheque or transfer like many other companies.


Interested in turning your old car into cash quickly and simply? Simply call Metal Biz on 1300 727272 for a free quote or submit an online inquiry here.

Last updated on September 26th, 2023 at 03:00 am