The Ultimate Guide To Pneumatic Tyres And Their Use

Pneumatic Tyres

Reading the term pneumatic tyre, you might be thinking about what can be unique in these tyres. These must be made of rubber, black in colour, with pressure filled air found in your car. But in reality, they are different from solid tyres. 

So, what are pneumatic tyres, and how do they work? In this blog, we discuss everything you should know about pneumatic tires and more. Keep reading the blog for further details.

What Are Pneumatic Tires

Pneumatic tyres are one of the best leaps in the history of human imagination. These tyres are filled with air in compressed form for the vehicle’s weight support. Pneumatic means anything using air or gas pressure for its functioning.

These tyres are the same as rubber tires with common use in tractors, forklifts, wheelbarrows, and hand trucks. 

The popularity of pneumatic tyres comes from their best shock absorption and excellent rubber treads. It helps reduce car jolts and bumps for passengers and stabilizes any vehicle. You can call them puncture proof.

Top Characteristics Of Pneumatic Tires

These tyres resemble truck tires or car tires and are used outdoors. Filled with air or rubber made, these are quite resistant to punctures. Pneumatic tyres are designed for reliable performance on uneven surfaces. But they don’t just work for uneven terrain. Have a look at their other features:

  • Excellent traction while braking and driving
  • Easily supporting a vehicle’s weight
  • Proper direction stability
  • Strong steering control
  • Cushioning a vehicle on an uneven surface

The above characteristics decide your tyre’s performance and durability.

Types Of Pneumatic Tyres

Radial and cross ply are two types of pneumatic tyres.

Radial Tyres

The cords in radial tyres are perpendicular to the travelling direction. These are the most commonly used tyres in modern vehicles.

Cross-Ply Tyres

The cords in cross ply tires are in a diagonal position to the travelling direction. These are less used in vehicles.

When Not To Use Pneumatic Tyres

Because pneumatic tires are filled with air pressure, they are not useful for certain environments. A few air pneumatics quickly wear and tear when they bounce. 

So, it’s better if you use them in safe areas. And keep in mind that the size of the tyre directly depends on the vehicle’s weight. Moreover, you should know that sharp objects can puncture the tyre. So, be careful around them.

Applications Of Pneumatic Tyres

Forklifts most commonly use pneumatic tyres because of their best ability to support a forklift’s weight. Moreover, they provide the best traction and have excellent weight carrying capacity, which is crucial for good performance. 

Here are the most common applications of pneumatic tyres:

  • Hand Trucks
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Electric Forklifts
  • Electric Pallet Stackers
  • Electric Pallet Jacks
  • Tractors
  • Heavy Duty Forklifts

One of the most important benefits of pneumatic tyres is their ability to absorb shock on the load that is on the wheels. That’s why they are used for forklifts commonly.

Difference Between Solid Pneumatics And Air Pneumatics

Solid pneumatics consist of rubber only and are more expensive than the alternative. However, solid tyres are more puncture resistant and so best to use them outdoors.

On the other hand, air pneumatic tyres have air, so they are suitable for both indoors and outdoors. These tyres give a smoother ride and handle uneven trains like sharp objects and gravel as compared to solid pneumatics.

Should You Consider Using Pneumatic Tyres

If you want to operate a forklift in an outdoor environment, there are no better tyres than pneumatic ones. Their best shock absorption, excellent traction, and durability work best and are suitable for various types of terrain. 

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