Tips for Getting Top Cash At A Car Wreckers

Tips for Getting Top Cash at a Car Wreckers

Got a Car Wreckers cluttering up the yard, looking terrible and using up your space? You’re not alone. These cars are basically junk; they’re not worth anything in this condition, but you could get some money for the car with a little thought.

There are several options with a wrecked car:

Sell the parts.

This can be an excellent idea. Depending on the make and model, you may have an impressive financial proposition. Some parts are worth big money on the global market, too.

Sell the car to a wrecker.

This is another simple and effective option. Wreckers will pay fair prices for the whole car; in some cases, they’ll pay thousands of dollars. This gives you the value of all the parts, with potential bargaining room.

Why Is It Better to Sell to Wreckers?

Selling to wreckers, interestingly, is in many ways a better option than trying to sell parts on the open market yourself. This is how you do it: 

Ask for quotes.

You may be surprised to learn that wreckers are extremely competitive. They’ll give you a good quote based on the market commercial value.

Wreckers will handle removal.

The wreckers will remove the vehicle for you, saving you the cost.

Same-day turnaround.

Booking earlier in the day is the way to get this very useful service. You’ll get paid on the same day, too.


Why is this better than selling on the open market? It’s the better option because the open market can be quite complex. You may have good parts, but remember this market is global. You have to go through the song and dance routine of selling, payment, paying for freight, etc. even when restricting your business to Australia. The global market is a lot more expensive.

When you see parts for sale on the open market, you’re seeing their sale price, not their purchase price, which can be much lower. The payment process is also usually much slower, certainly not guaranteed on the same day. If there’s a problem with the buyer or with payment, you might even be looking at legal issues and Vehicle Inspection. This tricky market really is for experts.

Wreckers are a quicker, more straightforward solution. They’ll remove the vehicle and offer you a good price. The sale process is fully transparent and runs on rails. As the seller, your main responsibility is to simply compare quotes and you’ll have your yard space back in no time.

Need a Wrecker in Brisbane?

Metalbiz Recyclers is the place in Brisbane for car wrecking and scrap metal. To find out more about our services for cars, see our Cash for Cars page. You can give us a call anytime at one of our three branches in the city. We’ll give you a good quote, do the removal for you, and we’ll pay you on the same day if you can book in early!

Last updated on October 23rd, 2021 at 01:56 pm