Top Environmentally Focused Businesses Australia can be Proud of

Five leading Australian Business’ that have made the top Corporate Knight’s 100 most sustainable businesses over recent years… We take a look at these companies and what they have done to gain recognition globally.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been trending from Industrial giants and has become the business norm for all companies, especially within recent years, which has welcomed innovation towards sustainability.

We take a look at five broad Australian Global Corporations that have been most proactive in managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues:


Westpac is an Australian bank that has built a reputation for social and ethical responsibility by finding ways to reduce their carbon footprint.

Westpac was the first business to publish an environmental policy and to join the Australian Greenhouse Challenge. In the past five years the bank has also internally reduced energy efficiency by 10%, and as the digital age starts to mature, Westpac has avoided the use of paper transactions, reducing paper by more than 566 tonnes.

Externally, the bank has committed to making up to $6 billion available for lending to CleanTech and environmental services by 2017. Westpac was also the first bank to engage in a sustainable supply chain policy and process in 2002 – Assessment of Westpac’s top suppliers are screened for their performance in social, ethical, and environmental issue management.

Origin Energy

Origin Energy is the leading provider of electricity and gas to Australian homes and businesses. Origin believes that to be a sustainable business, they must demonstrate they are meeting the needs and expectations of employees, investors, customers and the communities in which they operate.

Origin is focused towards energy, land and the community that can be seen from their investment of $18.3 million. For the past five years, Origin has been giving people the ability to generate their renewable energy. Today, they have more than 391,000 solar customers and have directly installed more than 80,000 solar systems. Origin is also currently trialling a battery process that is expected to take off post-2020.

Origin has been recognised for focusing their efforts on not only in areas within the environment but in areas of the community. This is seen Origin Energy’s partnership with the SES, reconciliation action plan for indigenous Australians, Supporting the Smith family, funding ‘engineers without borders’ and The Origin Foundation – a program that helps young Australians reach their potential.

Insurance Australia Group

IAG is the insurance group behind some of the most trusted brands including NRMA, SGIC and CGU. They have been a company worth noting for their social responsibility towards global problems including low incomes in Vietnam, Thailand and India.

IAG has introduced Micro-Insurance for persons on low incomes who are vulnerable to the effects of natural perils, road accidents, illness and injury. This type insurance covers personal accident, home/fire contents, motorbike, total loss or theft, surgery and hospital cover. IAG has made the cost of insurance between $.70 – $4.90.

IAG is also focused on implementing Indigenous Reconciliation Plans to improve education, employment and community outcomes for Indigenous Australians. IAG is the founding member of the Australian Business Roundtable for Disaster Resilience & safer communities.


An Australian Real estate company. Their vision is to be a great Australian real estate company that makes a valuable contribution to communities and Australia.

Sustainability practices can be seen from their high green energy rating structures, mitigating and managing environmental risks and impacts associated with business activities, implementing strategies to enhance energy efficiency, improving water management and reducing waste. Stockland makes it key to deal with green supply chains to preserve the environment.

They are also actively involved in the communities they operate in. Reconciliation Action Plans initiated by Stockland aims to educate, build relationships, employ and develop programs for Indigenous Australians.

General Property Trust (GPT)

GPT is Australia’s first property trust group with broad access to capital investment in quality assets. They have a focus on the board from Health and safety to Supply chains, and the environment. They have made global notable achievements within their internal operations in response to climate change since 2005.

GPT has made major environmental reductions saving the company millions. This is seen by the following:

  • 35% reduction in energy intensity.
  • 46% reduction in carbon emissions intensity.
  • 45% reduction in water intensity.
  • improved recycling from 29% to 47%.


At Metalbiz, we have adopted a proactive approach to environmental management and believe metal recycling activities are not sustainable without acting responsibly and addressing environmental impact issues. Our dedication to the environment is what sets us apart from traditional ‘scrap metal traders’ – Check out our processes here!