Ultimate Guide On How To Get Most Cash For Unwanted Cars?

money for unwanted cars Brisbane

Money for Unwanted Cars Brisbane

When an old car is of no use, it’s time to cash it. If the same is the case with your vehicle, you should also consider junking your car. Now, you don’t have to get worried about selling unwanted cars for top money in Brisbane. Because, from knowing when to sell a junk car to how to sell it, you’ll find everything in this guide. So, let’s dive in.

What is a junk car?

Many owners don’t know what exactly a junk car is. Therefore, they don’t really know when the right time to get rid of their used cars is. A junk car is any car with severe mechanical issues, is mostly rusted, and its running cost is more than its actual cost. Such a car is known as a junk car.

When should I junk my car?

Well, there is no defined time for junking a car. However, there are some signs that will let you know it’s time to sell a junk car for cash. Here are some of those signs.

Physical Condition

The physical condition is one easy to judge factor here. By observing the physical condition of your car, you can get an idea of its value. For example, if there are several dents on the body and faded paint signs, it’s time to junk it.

Severe Damage

Did your car meet an accident? If yes, it needs some serious repairs. But, even if you get your car repaired, its overall resale price would be affected. So, such severely damaged cars can be sold for cash.

Car’s Value

A ten-year-old vehicle with scratches and dents on the body isn’t an ideal vehicle to keep. So, if you own one such vehicle, it’s time to crush it.

How to sell a junk car for maximum cash?

Now, let’s talk about selling a junk car for maximum cash. Here is how you can get some real value out of your junk car.

1: Choose a reliable dealer

It’s a wise step to find the best junk car dealer near me. Therefore, a car dealer that’s near your location is the one to go for. Try to find at least four to five junk car dealers near you. Then, get quotes from each of them.

Compare different quotes. This would you give a brief idea of various service providers quotes. Once you’ve compared them, go with the one that best suits your budget.

2: Verify their online presence

Nowadays, it’s not hard to find a car dealer on the web. There are thousands of dealers out there, but you have to choose only one. So, take help from the internet. The service provider you have chosen would surely have some online presence.

Visit their websites and social media pages. Check out what special they have for their customers. Read what customers have to say about their services. If they have good reviews, you can go with their services. However, if you find some negative reviews or the dealer isn’t trustworthy, stay away from that car dealer.

3: Are they licensed?

In Australia, car dealers are junk cars for cash service providers must have licenses for offering their services. So, it’s essential to verify the license of your chosen car dealer. Again, you can take help from the internet in this regard. You can also visit them physically to inspect their services.

4: Look for add-ons

You don’t want to avail a service where you don’t get any add-ons such as free car removal service. These are the kind of features that you should look for. With these add-ons, you can get some good cash value without a hassle.

5: Secure payment methods

So, you’ve chosen a car dealer based on the all above steps we highlighted. But what about the payment methods? Do they have a variety of payment methods? Well, it’s something that you should definitely look for. You want good cash but in a safe and convenient way.

How Much Do you get for junk cars?

Type of Vehicle Cash Range
Car $70- $999
4×4 $499 to $9999
Pick-up Truck $699 to $9999
SUV $899 to $9999
Van $300 – $9999
Truck Upto $12999

What does it take to get top cash for unwanted cars?

Interesting query. The good news is that it’s very easy. How’s that possible? Well, you just have to keep the following considerations in mind.

1: The overall condition of the car

It’s quite obvious, the physical condition of a car says a lot about its value. Scrapyard owners prefer old cars that are well kept. So, if you own an old car that’s nice and clean, you can get a good deal against it. If it doesn’t, you don’t have to worry. You can get it waxed for a shinier look. This way, you may get a better deal.

2: Its paperwork

The paperwork is also quite essential when it comes to selling an unwanted car. The usual paperwork is what can help you grab a good deal. The usual paperwork includes the car’s registration documents and its maintenance record.

Unfortunately, not all people have such paperwork with them. But, don’t worry, if you are selling your car through a reliable car dealer, they will take care of all the paperwork. So, this is also one benefit of availing services of cash for unwanted cars in Brisbane.

3: Its make and model

For the top cash offer, your cars make and model matter. This is because dealers are more interested in unwanted cars that aren’t that old. Moreover, they pay good cash for vehicles that have good resale value.

Now, owning a vehicle that’s in demand might not be in your hands. But, you can definitely get rid of an old car that’s in running condition. With this approach, you can get a good cash offer.

4: On-going metal price

No car dealer is interested in driving your junk car. So, what do they do with such vehicles? Well, they sell it to scrap yards. The scrapyard dealers evaluate the price of an old car based on the ongoing metal price. So, this is how the car dealers evaluate your car.

So, if you are selling your car when the metal prices are up, you’ll get a decent cash offer for your unwanted cars. Knowing how metal prices can affect the value of your old car will help you sell it for good cash.


So, now you know how old unwanted cars are assessed based on various factors. Getting rid of junk and scrap cars was never so easier. Thanks to various car dealers that offer value-added services for the convenience of the majority. So, it’s a good idea to know when to junk your car before it’s too late.

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