University of Queensland Plans To Develop Sustainable Steel

Steel is a very sustainable material when used correctly. Its durability makes it infinitely recyclable and it has many different uses. However, the processes and practices used to manufacture steel are not always sustainable or environmentally friendly.

Which is why The University of Queensland has launched an ongoing research and development project that will look at ways of reducing steelmaking impacts and making the production of steel sustainable for the future.

An Exciting Collaboration.

In order to begin this research, UQ has partnered with the world’s third largest steel producer, Hebei Iron and Steel Group (HBIS), to create a joint venture called the Innovation Centre for Sustainable Steel (ICSS).

HBIS will invest A$5.25 million over the next five years into ICSS to conduct research into high-quality steel manufacturing, environmental engineering and metallurgical resources. In return, the University of Queensland will provide educational resources, research capacity and training opportunities for HBIS staff and UQ staff and students.

Professor Peter Hoj, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Queensland, recently flew to Shijiazhuang in China to formally consolidate the agreement with HBIS Chairman Mr Yong Yu.

“HBIS has a strategic target to become the most competitive steel company,” says Mr Hoj.

“We are excited to work alongside such an ambitious organisation and offer expertise in the area of sustainability.”

Queensland already has a strong relationship with China thanks to various mining investments, and UQ’s involvement in sustainable steel research will only strengthen this.

Mr Hoj sees the collaboration as “an exciting frontier for engineering and resources”.


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