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    Battery Disposal Made Easy with Metalbiz

    Don’t let your old batteries accumulate and harm the environment

    At MetalBiz Recycling, we offer a sustainable solution for UPS Battery scraps Brisbane. We understand the importance of responsible battery disposal, which is why we provide a convenient pickup service for all toxic and harmful scraps.

    Whether you have car batteries, UPS batteries, lead-acid batteries or any other type of battery waste, we’ll take them off your hands and ensure they are recycled properly in an environmentally friendly manner.

    Not only do we provide a sustainable disposal solution, but we also offer fair compensation for your scrap batteries. So, if you have old UPS batteries lying around, don’t let them go to waste. Contact MetalBiz Recycling today

    Easy Battery Disposal

    Convenient UPS Battery Scrap Recycling With Us

    Proper battery disposal is imperative to save the environment. That’s why we’ve made disposal easy with our dedicated UPS battery recycling bins service.

    Our bins are designed with safety in mind, ensuring your batteries are disposed of responsibly.
    Our bins can be installed at your site for easy access and convenience, or you can drop off your old batteries at our collection points, and we’ll take care of the rest.


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    Importance of Lead Battery Recycling

    Tips To Safely Prepare Your Battery For Recycling

    Spread awareness about safe battery recycling practices among family, friends, and colleagues to promote responsible disposal habits.
    Remember, following these simple tips ensures not only your safety but also contributes to environmental protection through responsible battery recycling.

    Sell Acid Battery for Recycling

    Sell Your Lead Acid Battery for Recycling at Metalbiz

    Why keep a junk battery lying around when you can turn it into cash? They can harm the environment if not disposed of properly. They may leak acids that damage the soil and surrounding plants.. If you’re wondering how to dispose of lithium batteries or old UPS battery scraps Brisbane, we’ve got you covered.

    Getting rid of your old lead acid batteries is easy with MetalBiz. No need to travel anywhere – just give us a call! Tell us about the size and type of batteries you have, and we’ll provide you with a quote.

    Our team will come to your location, pick up the batteries, and pay you in cash right away. 

    We buy all sorts of batteries, including car, truck, and marine batteries. As Brisbane’s top battery recyclers, we also have the tools and technology to recycle these batteries responsibly.


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    Dispose of Old Batteries in Brisbane The Right Way

    Dispose of your old car batteries in Brisbane the proper way. We specialize in recycling scrap metal in Brisbane, handling 40 – 50 tonnes of them each month and increasing.

    Our team is well-versed in the safe and secure disposal of car batteries in Brisbane. We prioritize customer satisfaction and aim to improve green auto disposals and recycling services. Our business operates with a waste disposal permit and a waste tracking system approved by the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection. You can even verify the disposal process of your old or junk batteries to ensure it’s done legally.

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    Dispose of Old Batteries in Brisbane
    Scrap Batteries Recycling at Metalbiz

    Get The Best Price For Scrap Batteries Recycling at Metalbiz

    • Leading Battery Recycling Company
    • Licensed and registered
    • Battery collection across Brisbane 
    • Available 7 days a week

    We offer you top cash for all battery scraps.

    Our prices are determined by factors like battery type, grade, and current market rates. Plus, with our efficient acid battery recycling process, we’re able to keep costs down and offer competitive prices.

    So if you’re searching for the best lead battery scrap price in Australia or the best acid battery recycling prices, give us a call today.

    You can count on us for all your international scrap metal export needs.

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    What are the Challenges of Lithium-ion Battery Recycling in Australia

    In Australia, recycling lithium-ion batteries is a big challenge. Every year, Australia generates about 3,300 tonnes of battery waste, but only 10% of it gets recycled. This is much lower than the 99% recycling rate for lead acid batteries. Even though the demand for lithium batteries is growing worldwide because of electric cars and energy storage, not many lithium batteries are being recycled. There’s not enough space to recycle them in Australia, so they pile up in warehouses and scrapyards, which can be harmful to the environment. MetalBiz is the pioneer of lead-acid battery recycling in Brisbane and offers various battery recycling programs in the city. Hence, it makes it easy for people to recycle their batteries properly, helps reduce waste, and keeps our environment clean.

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    Lithium-ion Battery Recycling Australia

    Batteries We Will Collect

    We offer the best price for all kinds of storage batteries. Whether you have unwanted scrap batteries lying around, we’re here to help you get rid of them quickly. Here are some of the scraps we buy.

    • Lithium-ion batteries
    • Mercury batteries
    • Medical Batteries
    • Single-use batteries
    • Rechargeable batteries
    • Zinc-air Batteries
    • Mobile Phone Batteries
    • Nickel-metal hydride batteries
    • Alkaline batteries
    • Zinc-carbon batteries
    • UPS Batteries
    • Scrap Car Batteries

    Our team of scrap battery removal professionals is equipped to clear all the junk from your location, whether it’s in your garage or at your worksite.

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    If you have been searching for “UPS battery scrap recycler Brisbane near me,” your search ends here! We provide convenient and dependable battery scrap recycling services right in your vicinity. Our streamlined pickup and recycling process makes disposing of unwanted batteries hassle-free. Get in touch with us today to arrange a pickup and discover how you can transform your battery scraps into cash.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I toss my old battery in my regular recycling bin at home?

    No, it’s not a good idea. Lead acid batteries like the one in your car or power tools shouldn’t go in your home recycling or waste bins. They contain lead and acid, which could mix with other materials in the bin and cause contamination. Plus, if the batch gets contaminated, it’ll all end up in the landfill.

    Where should I take my old battery to recycle it properly?

    You’ve got options! You can drop off your old battery at any of the Metalbiz Recycling Centers across Brisbane. Look out for their sign. If you’re not sure where the closest center is, just visit or give us a call at 0468 727 272.

    Does recycling cost me anything?

    Nope, it’s on the house! We will take your lead acid battery and recycle it for free.

    Can I find another use for my old battery?

    It’s not recommended. Automotive batteries have stuff like lead, acid, and lead compounds that aren’t good for humans. By recycling your battery with Metalbiz, you’re keeping yourself and your family safe from these harmful materials.

    What happens to my old battery after I drop it off?

    Once you hand over your old battery, we get to work. We break it down into its different parts—like the plastic, acid, and lead compounds—and then turn them into new products.

    Will my old battery be fixed up and sold again?

    Nope, that’s a no-go. We won’t try to fix up or recondition your old battery. Reconditioned batteries can be risky and unreliable, so they focus on recycling instead.

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