Using Car Wreckers As A Last Resort To Sell Your Car

Using car wreckers as a last resort to sell your car

Have an old car that you’re struggling to sell?

You’ve tried parking it on your front lawn with the lowest price possible painted across the back windscreen; you’ve posted it on Gumtree and Facebook and even tried to palm it off to your mates’ sister, but nothing has worked car wreckers.

We have an easy and reliable solution for you!

MetalBiz will buy your car wreckers off you and recycle its parts into reusable metal.

How does it work?

The process is simple! We will come collect your car from you, pay you what it’s worth in cold, hard cash and be on our way! We will then recycle the scrap metal from your car body and handle any harmful chemicals while we’re at it.

Good for your pocket, good for the environment

You might have heard the mantra “reduce, reuse, recycle” from your token greenie friend, but never really understood the purpose of recycling, especially things like car wreckers.

Car metals produce harmful chemicals that, if not correctly disposed of, pose a significant threat to the environment (and human health). By using specialised equipment to recycle these metals responsibly, we are helping limit said chemicals from entering our local waterways and drains.

Find out more about how your car affects the environment friendly here.

The best price around

MetalBiz will buy your car outright for up to $5000 in cash, depending on the state of your car. We also offer a free pick up service, so your car doesn’t even need to be driveable!

You can check the worth of your vehicle online by filling out a quick quote form, or giving us a call and chatting to one of our friendly staff.

No bias – we take all shapes, sizes and makes!

We don’t just buy cars, we’ll also take trucks, 4WD’s and vans; basically anything with wheels and a body! If you’re wondering whether your vehicle makes the cut or not, give us a call

Last updated on September 26th, 2023 at 04:38 am