The Value of Recycling Metal

Recycling is one of the best things you can do for the planet. With few resources, you can have an enormous impact to the environment and to the world.

The amount of garbage we create every day is increasing for multiple reasons:

  • Consumerism increases, creating more waste.
  • Population grows.
  • Lifestyle changes, a materialistic way of life requires more practical packaging.
  • Packaging contains not biodegradable materials.

To start recycling in your home, your community or your school, you can divide the waste into plastic, metal, paper and organic. This way, a habit of separating waste to reuse slowly starts to go through people´s behaviour, and recycling becomes something of a routine. Waste begins to decrease and our lifestyle gets a better quality
When recycling metal is not recycled, they go to landfills with the rest of the garbage. These landfills are collapsing everywhere. For example, in New Hampshire, there are seven landfills that have only twelve years left of capacity. Another reason to start recycling is that, if the product does not get recycled, there comes the need to produce more of it. Metals like copper, steel and aluminium come from mining, and there exists a lot of illegal mining around the world in order to extract the metal. Illegal mining causes water and air damage to an environment friendly, making entire ecosystems disappear.

Steel and aluminium can, fortunately, be recycled indefinitely with no loss of value. When they are recycled, the energy needed to mine, refine, transport and everything else is saved. Imagine all the energy that can be saved if you don´t throw away all of those cans and instead separate them or sell them to a recycling company. Millions of work hours and natural resources can be spared with just one change of habit from regular people.

Nowadays, there are several people that live from recycling. This starts with homeless or underprivileged people who look for plastic or cardboard in the garbage because there are companies that reuse them and pay per weight. There are also some companies, such as Metalbiz Recyclers, that reuse every kind of unusable recycling metal, turning them into usable. Aluminum, copper, steel and others can be sold for cash. This kind of company can also give users to your old and not functional car parts, scraps from an old construction, and even damaged electronics, such as televisions, smartphones or computer parts.

The benefits of using recycling metal scraps instead of virgin iron ore are:

  • 75% energy saved
  • 90% less used raw materials
  • 86% less air pollution
  • 97% less mining waste
  • 40% less water use
  • 76% less water pollution

Saving other metals and using scrap metal instead can save up to 95% of energy with aluminium, 85% with copper, 65% with lead and 60% with zinc. As you can see, fresh air, more energy and safer resources can be possible with a slight change in inhabits.

Last updated on October 9th, 2023 at 05:37 am