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If you want to get rid of a unwanted old car standing in your garage for a long time, then just give us a call. We provide car removal Capalaba services in less than 24 hours. The whole process is a piece of cake. You can give us a call or fill our online form to get your FREE quote. We will get back to you with a fair quote based on your car details.

As soon as you accept the quote, we get the process of removal started and pay you top cash for your car. And that’s it! Get that car off your hands within a day. If you have got any questions, you will get answers to every one of them from our expert team. This way, we make sure that you are making a decision in the right direction.

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    Why Sell Your Unwanted Old Car For Cash?

    Let Metal Biz help you make some space in your garage by removing your broken car. We will remove your car and take it to the junkyard. Let us give you a reliable solution to haul away the junk metal affecting the front of your home with its horrible shape.

    This is why you should consider the removal of your car in Capalaba and avail of our quality services that make us best at who we are. Enjoy the best car removal Capalaba and get rid of the old, leaking car sitting on your beautiful property causing issues and making undesirable scenes in your garage or yard. This can turn into a big issue and get you cited, thus making you pay a fine if these junk cars are not removed.

    So, whether your car is working, not working, young, old, with parts or without parts, small or large, no matter if your car is of what type, model, year, or make, we will get it removed and pay you best dollars for it. Furthermore, we make sure that you feel good about selling your car to us after availing yourself of our easy and hassle-free car removal process.

    Why Sell Your Junk Car For Cash
    Capalaba Car Removal

    Capalaba’s Reliable Car Removal

    Gone are the days when you would drive your rusty old car to several scrapyards and junkyards to get quotes only to get disappointed in the end. These days, you can sell your junk car online from the comfort of your home. Just fill out the online quote form or give a call and let the company get back to you with a good quote.

    You can accept our quote and then schedule a time for car pick-up that suits you. We provide free quotes with no obligation to sell. Sell your unwanted car to us regardless of the condition it is in.

    There is no sure-fire method to evaluate a junk van, SUV, truck, or car. If you want to sell your car, you can assume safely that your car is worth thousands of dollars. Give us the details of the model, make, and year of your car, and we will get back to you with the best and market-competitive FREE quote.

    Trucks, SUVs, VANS, Cars – We Buy Them All

    Cash for Cars Capalaba has never been this accessible and hassle-free. Any kind of car taking up undesirable space in your backyard that you want to get off your hands, we will buy it from you for good cash. What you need to do is share some basic details of your form for our online quote form available on our website.

    Alternatively, you can call us, and we will get back to you with a cash offer. We would go ahead with the car removal process if you like what we offer. Then, within a few hours at the time and place of your choice, our expert team will be with you and pay you in full cash.

    Get paid in top cash and bid your old friend farewell. We will take care of everything from there.

    The Basic Information We Need For The FREE Quote

    The Basic Information We Need For The FREE Quote

    Here is what we need from you to provide you with an offer for your car removal Capalaba:

    • Vehicle model
    • The present condition of the vehicle
    • The vehicle’s location
    • Proof of ownership
    • Vehicle type
    • Details of any parts missing etc.

    Call us at 0468 72 72 72 and get rid of your junk car today!

    Play Your Part In Saving The Planet

    Have you ever thought about how much of a car is recyclable? Experts say that around 86% of a car is totally recyclable regardless of its age. Therefore, the scrap car removal process doesn’t need to be a part of some landfill, ultimately causing pollution.

    Dumping car in a landfill lowers the soil quality. Instead, it’s time to make a good decision and sell that old stinky vehicle to us. Following the government’s guidelines, we ensure to take take care of your car responsible and in an eco-friendly manner.

    Play Your Part In Saving The Planet

    Fast Cash And Free Towing Capalaba

    Capalaba is a beautiful city where the boundaries of creative entrepreneurship and cultural activities are burred. The city has an interrelated creative ecology that invites unabashed and bold entrepreneurial and artistic activities taking place here.

    Metal Biz has more than a decade of experience in the car removal field, removing cars all over Capalaba. We accept all kinds of junk and scrap cars without putting any limitations on the condition. We have the expertise, experience, and equipment for removing your car safely and in an eco-friendly manner.

    Moreover, we provide free pick up and towing of your rusty cars. We have been providing the best dollars for cars in Capalaba for a long time with no hidden fees or deductions. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call us today to avail of this offer.

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