Best Car Wreckers Brisbane Wide

Metal Biz Recyclers is one of the top car wreckers in Brisbane that stock and sell quality spare parts for all makes and models.

If you are looking for someone to sell your used, broken, and damaged vehicle, give us a call. We have been in the auto-wrecking and recycling business for years. Moreover, we follow all the protocols of environment-friendly recycling to keep our environment clean and green.

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    Car Wreckers Brisbane For Easy Cash

    Metal Biz Recyclers will remove your scrap car for free from your home or business anywhere in Brisbane and will pay fair scrap car prices. We have no hidden charges or fees. Our car wrecking service is the easiest way to eliminate an unwanted vehicle in a professional and environmentally friendly manner.

    Cash for Your Car

    How much will a car wreckers Brisbane pay for my car?

    It takes less than 30 seconds to fill in the form above to find out. Whether your car is 30 years old and on its last legs, or a recent model damaged in an accident, we’ll pay top dollar for it. So why wait? Fill in the form to get your cash for cars in Brisbane now!

    What cars can I sell to wreckers?

    Metal Biz Recyclers is perfect for anyone for:

    • Selling unwanted cars.
    • Cars written off prematurely.
    • Cars too expensive to repair.
    • If you don’t own the title.
    • Forgotten project cars.
    • Scrap parts cars and empty shells.

    We also do

    How easy is it?

    It couldn’t be simpler.

    Metal Biz is a metal recycling yard, as well as a Cash for Cars removalist. As a professional business, our trucks are on the road all day collecting and buying old, damage, smashed, and even undrivable cars.

    We come to you

    That includes the Gold Coast, Caboolture, and Ipswich. Your truck driver will handle all of the paperwork, answer any questions you have, and make arrangements to get your car on the truck.

    You get paid

    It takes just a few seconds to find out what your car is worth. You can rest easy knowing that your vehicle is off the road and has been recycled environmentally.

    No # 1 Used Car Parts Supplier

    We offer quality recycled second-hand auto parts for all vehicles at an affordable price. It does not matter what make of vehicle you have. We are expert car wreckers in Brisbane that can deliver you a specific auto part you need at your doorstep.

    Inform us of the details of an auto part you need, and we will arrange it for you as quickly as possible. We have tailgates, doors, gearboxes, engine, headlights, and everything in between.

    How Does Selling To A Wrecker Work?

    Selling a car for cash couldn’t be easier. We have a team of friendly and professional drivers collecting cars every day, all over Brisbane, Caboolture, Ipswich, and as far as the Gold Coast.

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