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  • Instant payments
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  • QLD-wide car removal
  • All-day online support
  • And much more

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    Highest Rated Mazda Wreckers Brisbane, QLD With A Mission

    MetalBiz is QLD’s largest car wrecker and vehicle purchaser in the area. With over 20 years of experience under our belt, we aim to offer customers convenience unlike any other. 

    We buy old vehicles from all over the state and send them to our Mazda wreckers Brisbane for safe disposal. Our scraping experts use these vehicles for their parts and metal and dispose of the rest of the useless components in an eco-conscious manner.

    Our recycling practices help to ensure most of the available resources are used without digging for more metal. This helps preserve the environment and reduce our carbon footprint on the planet. 

    Mazda Wreckers Brisbane

    Get A Chance To Earn Top Cash For Mazda Today

    At MetalBiz, we buy Mazda’s of all types. To sell your unwanted car, all you need to do is fill out our online form – It takes less than 30 seconds to get an accurate quote!

    Whether your car is 30 years old on its last legs or a recent model damaged in an accident, Mazda Wreckers Brisbane pays top dollar for it. The amount of cash you will get for your vehicle depends on many factors, such as

    Age of the vehicle

    • Its demand in the current market
    • Colour of the car
    • Amount of metal in it
    • And more

    Our expert evaluators use these factors to put a price on your car. But rest assured, no matter its condition, with us, you will only get the highest and most competitive price for your vehicle in all of Brisbane.
    So why wait? Simply fill in the form to get cash for your car Brisbane!

    Customer’s No.1 Choice – The Ultimate Destination For Car Wrecking Mazda In Brisbane

    • Professional Mazda Wreckers with three convenient locations around Brisbane.
    • We offer the best prices because we process your cars on-site.
    • We own specialized equipment for removing harmful fluids, oils, and petrol.
    • Have invested in water run-off protection to preserve Brisbane waterways.
    • A long-standing local business with professional and friendly staff.

    With us, customers get maximum benefit and the highest amount of cash for their cars. Call us today and get an obligation-free quote within 30 seconds.

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    Car Wrecking Mazda Brisbane

    Top 5 reasons to choose Metal Biz Mazda auto wreckers

    MetalBiz is your professional and friendly Mazda wrecker Brisbane. At MetalBiz Recyclers, we buy all Mazda cars for cash, including wrecked cars, damaged, junk, and non-running vehicles of any make, model, and age.

    We pay cash up to $9,999 for your unwanted vehicle and remove it for FREE from your premises, no matter where you live. Our tow truck drivers remove your car on the same day and without harming the surrounding property.

    We provide our services in:

    • Brisbane Northside
    • Brisbane Southside
    • Eastern Brisbane
    • Central Brisbane
    • Western Brisbane

    Sell us your unwanted Mazda and let us dispose it in the best manner at our state-of-the-art wrecking facilities. Call now to book FREE same-day removal today.

    What Condition Of Mazda Cars Can I Sell to Wreckers?

    We accept cars of all types, no matter their condition. So if you have the following vehicles, give us a call.

    The vehicle’s condition doesn’t matter to us because we don’t resell them. We use these cars for secondhand spare parts and scrap metal Brisbane. This way, we reuse valuable resources around us and help the environment by preventing metal ore extraction.

    If you want to sell your unwanted Mazda, get in touch. Our customer service agents will help you throughout the car selling process and help you get top cash for your car.

    How to Sell Your Mazda Car to MetalBiz?

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    Fill out the form above or call now on 0468 72 72 72, and we’ll let you know how much cash you can get for your car.

    Free Car Removal

    In most cases, we can send the truck today to collect your car. It’s certainly the easiest way to dispose of your vehicle.

    Get Cash For Your Car

    That’s it! We’ll help you with any paperwork, and you get instant cash. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started.

    Free Car Removal Service

    We offer FREE removal services all over Brisbane, Rocklea, Slacks Creek, and Geebung and its surrounding suburbs. So if you have an unwanted vehicle, don’t wait around; call MetalBiz and earn cash for your wrecked car.

    Call now and get a FREE quote for your vehicle.

    Free Mazda Removal Service

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