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If you are still thinking, why should I choose Metal Biz Recyclers? The answer is quite simple! We offer a quick cash quote, free car removal, and pay top cash for cars in Brisbane up to $9,999. We hold all the expertise in removing vehicles such as cars, minivans, jeeps, SUVs, Utes, trucks, and 4WDs.

Cash for cars removal

So, whether you are looking to sell your unwanted vehicle or you want to recycle your scrap car, we are one of the most reliable auto removal companies. We offer our free car removal services in Brisbane, Caboolture, Logan, Ipswich, Morayfield, Redcliffe, Beenleigh, and surrounding suburbs.

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    How To Get The Best & Highest Cash For Scrap Cars Brisbane?

    Metal Biz Recyclers is one of the top paying cash for cars Brisbane company. For years, we have been helping unwanted car owners selling their accidental, broken, damaged, flooded, junk, salvage, scrap, drivable, unwanted, written-off, and wrecked vehicles.

    Get Free Towing For Drivable, Scrap Or Unwanted Car Near You

    We understand how difficult it is to tow away your scrap, junk, broken, and damaged vehicle. Metal Biz Recyclers provides free towing service at any time, and anywhere you are located.

    Inform us of the condition, make, the model of your vehicle, and we will come to you with all the necessary equipment. Usually, we do same-day vehicle removal that means, the moment you contact us, we will schedule your car removal service within 24 hours.

    Our car removal expert will inform you an hour before he reaches your place. On arrival, he will do an end-to-end inspection of your vehicle and ask you to sign over the vehicle’s ownership title.

    After everything is sorted, he will pay you cash for scrap cars in Brisbane instantly.

    If you have been looking for the fastest, unfailing, and hassle-free scrap car removal in Brisbane, we are here for you.

    Follow these 3 simple steps and get cash for your cars instantly.

    Step 1: Send Request For A Free Quote

    Send a free quote form and we’ll tell you how much we’ll pay you for our car removal service.

    Step 2: Book Free Vehicle Pick Up

    Accept the quote and ask us to schedule your free car removal Brisbane slot. Our tow truck driver will come to your location at a scheduled date and time.

    Step 3: Get Cash For Cars On The Spot

    After completing all the paperwork and checking your ID card, driving license, and other relevant documents, we will pay you cash for cars in Brisbane on the spot.

    Must Read As You Will Know Your Car Worth Afterwards

    People think about selling their car and can get confused as everyone is saying they pay top cash for any cars. How will you find who pays the best while saving your time?

    Well, we have some quick points for you that make you identify the right car buyer for your vehicle.

    Identify whether the person/company is just a tow truck driver or they got a physical yard.

    Tow truck drivers eventually sell these cars to scrap yard, therefore, you lose some extra cash that you may get it if you contact the wreckers/recyclers/dealers directly.

    Find out do they tell you the fixed price over the phone or they need to do a physical inspection before finalizing the price.

    Most big companies will give you a fixed good price and you will get it. In terms of dealers or good car buyers, they provide estimates and final value will be given to you on arrival. In terms of middlemen, they give prices that can make you happy sometimes but eventually after checking out the vehicle they tell you the faults and problems of your vehicle. As a result, you ended up getting fewer dollars as you were unaware of your car body, engine, and catalytic convertor value.

    Best tip:

    Tell honestly your car faults as you won’t be disappointed in the end. Tell them how much are you after and if you can drop off the vehicle in this way you can get extra money up to $150.

    Do they say they buy cars for scrap only?

    If they buy scrap cars only that means you can never get a good price for a drivable vehicle. Try reaching out to companies/individuals who say they resell cars too. Only those people can pay you the best and quick money in less time.

    These answers will make you think for a second before selling your car. It’s true and the good thing is we are a company and we buy used, old, scrap, unwanted, drivable, junk, or salvage cars for cash. Contact now to get a quote.

    We’ll Remove Any Vehicle For Free

    We’ve Made Cash For Car Removal Simple!

    Car Removal Service

    Benefits Of Car Removal Service

    We Buy All Popular & Non-Popular Brands

    We are the top used car buyer in Brisbane who gladly accepts all makes and models of classic vintage and latest newest vehicles.

    Look at a few examples of brands that we commonly buy in Brisbane:

    We Cover All Major Areas

    Our service areas are Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Toowoomba, and all the surrounding suburbs.
    Wherever you are located, just give us a call and let us know when would you like to schedule a car removal. On a decided time and date, we will come to your doorstep and pick up the vehicle.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I sell my car today?

    Yes. We will gladly purchase your car and offer you same-day car removal services all over Brisbane. Just give us a call, and we will buy your vehicle in no time unless we are fully booked for the day.

    Do we scrap cars for cash?

    Yes. Metal Biz scraps and recycles all the cars we purchase. Customers can easily sell their vehicle and get FREE car removals all over Brisbane with us. We help the citizen of Brisbane make the environment clean and preserve it for future generations.

    How much will MetalBiz pay for my car?

    We pay our customers top cash for their unwanted vehicles. We pay the highest price, up to $9,999 for cars in Brisbane, and that’s why we have over 10,000+ satisfied customers. And We also do a price beat for any hard-written quote.

    Do we have a car price calculator?

    The table below can help you get an estimation of the price. This is an estimated price based on our day-to-day trading but you can get more as well. The best way is to contact one of our friendly staff.

    price estimation for different types of vehicles

    Vehicle TypePrices
    Sedan$150 – $9,999
    4×4$500 – $9,999
    HatchBack$100 – $9,999
    SUV$300 – $9,999
    Wagon$800 – $9,999
    Truck$1,000 – $9,999

    Please note this is a rough estimation and the actual price will totally depend on the condition of the vehicle.


    “More the number of working auto parts in your vehicle more cash you will get”.

    Where is the VIN located in my car?

    Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) can be found on

    • Dashboard
    • Driver’s side door
    • Passenger door
    • Under the bonnet

    Different brands of cars have different locations for VIN. If you can’t find the VIN for your vehicle, contact the vehicle manufacturer for more information.

    Where can I sell my car privately?

    There are many reliable sites where you can sell your car, such as car sales, Cars Guide, etc. But for a fast car removal service that pays the highest amount of cash for cars Brisbane, contact Metal Biz.

    Can I sell an unregistered vehicle at MetalBiz?

    Yes, we purchase a variety of unregistered or unroadworthy cars. Reach out to us and provide the following two documents and earn top cash up to $9,999 for the vehicle.

    • A valid license of the car owner
    • Signed receipt by the tow truck driver
    Do you sell auto parts?

    Yes, we do sell high-quality second-hand auto parts. But we have a limited inventory, and our primary business focus is to purchase vehicles.