Cash For Cars Gold Coast From $70 To $9,999

With us, you can sell your drivable, old, used, junk, scrap, and damaged car and can get cash for cars in Gold Coast up to $9,999.

Drop off your car to us or get free towing with top money on spot.

Our unique offer includes:

  • Same-day free car removal Gold Coast service
  • No rego or roadworthy required
  • Easy 1-minute paperwork

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    Your Car Has A Value – Sell Car For The Right Amount Of Cash

    Amazing deals are available to sell your car for top dollars. All we need is a little favour that is give us the accurate details of your vehicle so we can quote you over the phone.

    We buy any make or model in any condition. Any vehicle type accepted. 4×4, SUV, Sedan, Wagon, Ute, Truck, Hatchback, or whatever you can think of. Hassle-free service. I hope we are able to solve your problem. For more information ring us. No waiting time we have plenty of staff to attend calls. Our cash for cars services is spread across QLD including Brisbane, Caboolture, Sunshine Coast, and other regions.

    Why Choose Metal Biz Cash For Car Facility?

    Avail our cash for cars benefits when you choose us.

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    Free Inspections

    Free Inspections

    Before your car is getting removed, we will require an inspection of your vehicle to ensure that it’s condition matches the description. For that purpose, our team of specialist inspectors will arrive at your location and perform a quick inspection of your vehicle all without charging you anything.

    The inspection process is quick yet detailed in which we examine all the components in the interior, exterior, and mechanical section. Once the inspection is completed and the feedback is the same as the description, we are good to go!

    Abiding By Government Policies

    Millions of cars are disposed of in Australia every year. Many of these are not treated properly resulting in an adverse effect on the environment and the society. Being in Australia, we have to follow the rules set by the Australian Government.

    The new policies laid out by the government concerning environment protection and prevention of global warming require all cars and car parts to be treated and disposed of properly. Unfortunately, not many follow the set rules and proper procedures.

    Environment Friendly

    Cash for cars Gold Coast believes in proper recycling and is an environment friendly firm. Most of the people sell their old vehicles when they want an upgrade or when it can’t be fixed further and reaches a non-drivable condition.

    Another advantage you get is that these recycled materials are then reused in industries which significantly cuts down the manufacturing costs, hence allowing lower prices for you.

    “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”

    This is one ideology we have grown up listening to- as children, teenagers and adults. All across the world. No matter the country, race, or religion. Even in the modern era, the significance of recycling can’t be denied!

    The benefits of Recycling are simply endless. It is beneficial for the Producer, Customer as well as the Environment. Here is how:

    Research revealed that recycled vehicles provide enough steel to produce almost 13 million new cars every year and can save an estimated 85 million barrels of oil each year.

    • A Clean and Green Environment
    • Less Fuel Consumption
    • Saves Water, Energy, and Other Natural Resources 
    • Reduced Global Greenhouse Gas Emissions. 

    Cash For Car Gold Coast: Delivering Excellence

    Naïve car sellers can be tricked into accepting low ball offers for their old car while spending hundreds of dollars in the name of towing. What a rip-off! What a shame!

    Hence, Metalbiz is committed to offering the highest Cash for Cars Gold Coast.

    We understand that getting fair cash for Scrap Car Gold Coast can be a stressful experience. But we promise never to let our customers down.

    After all, our team is all about rendering the best service and care possible. From the accurate and honest quote to reliable service, quick removal within 24 hours to offering competitive prices and complimentary paperwork, we are experts in handling everything for a smooth and hassle-free cash for car removal Gold Coast.


    Free Car Towing
    We Accept All Brands and Can Access All Locations

    We Accept All Brands and Can Access All Locations

    It doesn’t matter where in Gold Coast you are located, if you want to sell your vehicle, we will arrive at your location to get all the procedures done.Our connection to the extensive roads network and highways allows us to access your location with ease.

    Besides, we will buy your vehicle despite its brand. In fact, any brand you can see in Australia, we can buy it from and pay you upto 9,999 dollars!

    1, 2, 3 and your car is sold that’s how best car buyer works

    We are the best car buyer in Gold Coast that offer cash for cars QLD service to our customers. Selling car in any condition is possible with us so you do not have to worry about its make, model or year.

    Below are few examples of makes that we buy:

    We aim to provide top-notch and hassle-free cash for cars gold coast service. If you are still wondering how can I sell my car on Gold Coast? Talk to us and we will help you get rid of your vehicle in less than 48 hours.

    Exchange Car For Cash In 3 Easy Steps

    Do We Buy Every Vehicle Even Car Body?

    We are your professional and friendly car buyer. Any vehicle that you can find in Australia we buy it.

    In fact, we’ll come and collect your car or car body for free – and offer you cash! Call us now on 0468 72 72 72
    and get a free quote. We pay up to $9,999 in cash for your scrap car.

    How to Choose the Right Company to Sell Your Car

    To find the best company to sell a car, number of factors are considered. A lot of time, energy and effort is required to make the best decision. The process can be daunting, but at Metalbiz Gold Coast, we are here to simplify it for you. We have crafted a seamless and hassle-free experience that encompasses all the essential criteria you would typically research when choosing a car buyer. So, why go through the trouble of extensive research and countless comparisons when you can choose us for a straightforward and rewarding car-selling journey?

    Here’s why:

    By choosing Metalbiz Gold Coast, you are selecting a car buyer that fulfills all these criteria and provides a hassle-free, all-in-one solution for your car-selling needs. So, save your valuable time and effort – choose Metalbiz Gold Coast and sell your car with confidence.

    Get Top Cash For Old, Broken and Junk Cars Gold Coast

    Getting rid of your unwanted car and receiving top cash for it is easy with us. We pay the best cash for old cars, scrap cars, used cars, junk cars, accident cars, damaged cars, and any unwanted vehicles. As the most trusted used car buyers in Gold Coast, we offer same-day used car removal and instant cash for those who want to sell their cars quickly rather than letting them gather dust in the garage.

    Our Recent Active Industry Engagements

    Cash For Car Gold Coast is actively engaged in the metal recycling industry. We participate in key events to stay informed, innovate, and contribute to a greener future.

    Recent Highlights

    Metal Recycling Summit 2023: We were proud participants at the Metal Recycling Summit 2023, where industry leaders discussed sustainability, innovation, and best practices.

    GreenTech Conference: We presented eco-friendly recycling techniques at the recent GreenTech Conference, reinforcing our commitment to environmentally responsible practices.

    Recent Highlights
    Environment Friendly

    Environment Friendly

    Cash for cars Gold Coast believes in proper recycling and is an environment friendly firm. Most of the people sell their old vehicles when they want an upgrade or when it can’t be fixed further and reaches a non-drivable condition.

    Another advantage you get is that these recycled materials are then reused in industries which significantly cuts down the manufacturing costs, hence allowing lower prices for you.

    Our Services

    Scrap Metal Recycling Gold Coast

    Scrap Metal Recycling Gold Coast

    We can help you get rid of any old metal items you have, including outdated machinery, automobile parts, and appliances. We buy various types of scrap metal and give you a fair price in return. We ensure that you receive the highest price for your recyclable metal products.

    Unwanted Car Removal Gold Coast

    Unwanted Car Removal Gold Coast

    Have an old, unwanted vehicle taking up space? We provide hassle-free car removal services. Not only do we remove your car for free, but we also ensure that it is disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner, meeting all government regulations.

    Metal Recycling Solutions Gold Coast

    Metal Recycling Solutions Gold Coast

    Our experienced team can provide customized recycling solutions for businesses, construction sites, and industries. We are equipped to handle large-scale metal recycling projects efficiently and sustainably.

    Cash for Used Cars Gold Coast

    Looking to sell your used car for cash? We offer top-dollar cash payments for used cars in Gold Coast. Whether your car is in good condition or not, we’ll provide a fair cash offer and handle the entire process, including free car removal.

    Meet Our Industry Experts

    Our team is led by people who really know about recycling and taking care of the environment.

    John Smith (CEO):  He has been employed in the metal recycling industry for a very long time—more than 20 years, indeed! He has observed how recycling has improved and become more responsible over time. He does a great job of ensuring that we carry out our duties. He has overseen significant recycling initiatives that have decreased pollution.

    Sarah Johnson (Assistant CEO): Sarah is a seasoned expert when it comes to inspecting and evaluating vehicles for our cash for cars service. With over 15 years of experience in this field, she’s not only highly skilled but also innovative. Her ingenuity has led to the development of new evaluation techniques that are not only effective but also environmentally friendly.

    Our specialists assist us in providing excellent service to you.

    Our Recent Recycling Projects

    Our Recent Recycling Projects

    GreenTech Solutions: We partnered with a technology company to implement innovative metal recycling techniques, reducing waste and promoting sustainability in the tech industry.

    Auto Industry Sustainability: Our collaboration with an automotive manufacturer focused on recycling metal components, supporting the auto industry’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

    Other Projects

    Car Purchased – Honda Civic

    Car Purchased – Honda Civic

    We recently acquired a Honda Civic in excellent condition. We paid the car owner a generous sum of $5,000 in cash for their vehicle.

    Cash for Junk Car – Ford Falcon

    In our endeavor to remove junk cars responsibly, we purchased a Ford Falcon in a non-drivable state. The car owner received an instant cash payment of $500 for their vehicle.

    Scrap Truck Acquisition

    As part of our commitment to accepting various vehicle types, we acquired a scrap truck from a local business. We provided a competitive cash payment of $2,000 for the unwanted truck and arranged for its prompt removal.

    How About Some Extra Cash for Your Car?

    We take pride in our commitment to offering top-dollar cash for your car, making the selling process effortless and profitable. Our dedication to excellence has earned us an impressive 4.9-star rating based on hundreds of Google reviews. Our satisfied customers have experienced firsthand our transparent and hassle-free car selling services, and now, you can too.

    Request Your Top Dollar Cash Offer Now!

    Looking for the best cash for your car on the Gold Coast near you? Contact MetalBiz Cash For Car Gold Coast now and get the top dollar for your vehicle!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is it necessary to have my vehicle registered to sell it to you?

    No, we will buy all types of vehicles from you, whether they are registered or not. We facilitate purchases with minimal documentation as less as your driver’s licence or photo ID.

    How much money can I make from my car?

    The worth of your car can be estimated based on a few factors. For instance, the make, the model, the condition, and the mileage of your vehicle strongly contributes in determining the price. However, we are ready to pay you up to 9,999 dollars for your vehicle if it’s worth that much.

    How long does it take to get my car removed?

    We will remove your car as quickly as the same day of the deal. Be it a brand new car or a junk vehicle, we will remove your vehicle on the same day.

    When should I scrap my car?

    If your car is not in a drivable position and can’t be fixed anymore, it is best that you sell it for scrap.

    What happens to scrapped cars?

    The vehicles are broken down, the metal and other useful parts are recycled and reused.

    However, the hazardous chemicals and other dangerous parts are disposed of after treatment.

    Will my car be rejected at a cash for car service due to its brand?

    No, we will buy your vehicle despite its brand or condition. Whatever the make, model or condition of the vehicle, we will buy it.

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