A Secure Way To Earn Instant Cash For Cars In Wilston

Choose MetalBiz and avoid scammers in the market. We are a trusted and licensed car buyer in the area. And offer customers

  • Quick payments up to $9,999
  • Accurate quote for cars
  • FREE unwanted car collection
  • And more

Fill out our quote form today and sell your car within 24 hours.

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    Sell Your Car For Cash In Wilston Within A Day With MetalBiz

    Sell Your Car For Cash In Wilston Within A Day With MetalBiz

    Most people spend months fixing their vehicles, placing advertisements online, talking with prospective buyers, haggling for top prices, and letting random stranger test drive their cars. With us, you can avoid all of this.

    We help you sell your car within a day without going through the process mentioned earlier. All you have to do is follow our simple steps, and you can earn top cash for cars in Wilston.

    To sell your car within 24 hours, follow the steps below:

    You can know the worth of your car by filling out our online form. Enter the required details and get your FREE no-obligation quote within seconds.

    After receiving the quote, you can book a car inspection. Our team will arrive at your location and, after evaluating the car, make an offer for it.

    Accept the offer and sign the paperwork provided. Once that is done, we will pay you instant cash for cars in Wilston and remove the vehicle for FREE.

    If you have a damaged, wrecked, or unwanted car in your possession, get in touch with us today.

    Book Your FREE Car Towing In Brisbane.

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    What We Do With Your Damaged Cars?

    At MetalBiz, we purchase all types of smashed cars for cash and pay you up to $9,999 for them. We are QLD’s top-rated car buyer with over a decade of experience.
    So, when you choose us, you can be sure to receive the highest quality of services.
    The conditions of the cars we buy:

    • Vehicles with missing parts
    • Cars with a damaged body
    • Totalled vehicles
    • Insurance write-offs
    • Cars with mechanical faults
    • Vehicles that failed vehicle safety inspection
    • Cars with outstanding debts
    • Vehicles with electrical damage
    • And more

    We purchase all varieties of damaged vehicles and use them for parts and metals. Our tow truck drivers take your unwanted cars to our wrecking facility.

    There we take apart the vehicle and separate all the usable parts from the trash.
    The waste is discarded while the usable parts and scrap metals are prepared to be reused. This way, we use all of the end-of-life vehicles brought to us without sending them to landfills.

    If you want to earn competitive cash for cars in Wilston and not leave a carbon footprint, then call us.

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    MetalBiz Has Made Selling Your Unwanted Car For Cash In Wilston Stress-Free

    Customers no longer have to waste their time with dealerships or private buyers. Now they can opt for an innovative way to sell their non runner vehicle and earn top dollars while being in the comfort of their home.
    We offer a variety of services that aids you in selling your vehicle, such as:

    Same-day Car Towing

    With us, you can receive the fastest removal services within Wilston. We have a large collection of tow trucks and licensed drivers who work around the clock to carry out the towing process. And the best part about our service is that it’s completely FREE.

    Convenient Services

    All of our processes are developed while thinking about customer ease. We do our best to make sure our customers receive all the help they need, and our processes are straightforward and simple to follow.

    Competitive Cash For Unwanted Cars

    Unlike our competitors, we never offer you overinflated quotes or make lowball offers. MetalBiz’s aim from the start has been to provide customers with the most value for their vehicles.

    And to ensure we give our customers exactly that. Thats why we have formed a large network of clients all over QLD. This makes it easy for us to pay you with top cash for unwanted cars.

    Professional Customer Service

    Our customer service teams represent our company, whether online or offline. They are well aware of all the ins and outs of the industry and will help you by answering all of your queries and guiding you where needed.

    So, are you ready to sell your unwanted car and earn top cash for cars in Wilston? If yes, call now. And our customer service team will gladly help you earn the highest cash for cars.

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