Ways to Improve Your Business’ Energy Efficiency

Improving your business’ energy efficiency will not only save you money, it’s also beneficial for the environment.

There are lots of simple ways you can implement energy efficiency without too much effort, all it takes is a little awareness and forward planning.

Think about appliances & equipment

Switch off appliances

To save power, equipment such as computers, printers and photocopiers can be switched off at the end of the day, and left off over weekends and holidays. Just putting them in ‘powersave’ mode doesn’t actually save you much energy. Being vigilant about switching off equipment can add up to big savings for your power bill.

Energy-efficient lighting and timers

Office lighting can be a huge drain on your energy, not to mention the environment. Use energy efficiency lighting, especially in areas where it is on constantly. Staff should also be encouraged to switch off lights when they’re not using a room. Other options could be to install timers, light level sensors and movement detectors so lighting is only used when absolutely necessary.

Check energy ratings

When purchasing new appliances for your business, such as dishwashers and refrigerators, choose energy efficient models. Even though these often cost more to buy, they cost less to run over a period of time and save on money and energy on overheads in the long run. Most appliances these days have an energy rating sticker attached so you can check the stars, the more stars the better.

Energy efficient ways of working

When it comes to ways of working more energy efficiently, computer usage is one of the areas that you can tighten up on. For example, desktop computers are less energy efficient than laptops and consume double the energy. Big, older style monitors are also not better as they have greater energy consumption than smaller, LCD monitors. To maximise power savings automate monitors to power down after 10 minutes of being inactive rather than relying on screensavers which don’t save energy.

Further business benefits of energy efficiency

By establishing an energy efficient reputation for your business, it can be used as a marketing tool showing that you have an environmentally responsible outlook. An environmentally responsible outlook can boost your community standing and also make you an employer of choice when recruiting potential employees.


Source: Energy Australia