Where To Scrap Your Car in Brisbane?

Where To Scrap Your Car in Brisbane

With three locations in Brisbane, Metal Biz makes it easy for Brisbane car owners to sell and remove old, damaged and unwanted vehicles. Get top Cash for Cars on the spot, and we’ll even do the honours of hauling away your car for free to the nearest Metal Biz scrap metal yard.

Scrap Your Car in Brisbane

Where are we in Brisbane?

Metal Biz auto wreckers are located in Rocklea, Slacks Creek and Geebung, and we provide our car removal service all over the greater Brisbane area. As well as the removal of cars for cash, we take trucks, 4WDs and buses, in fact, any vehicle that can be recycled for scrap metal. We also offer commercial collections for industrial and professional scrap metal recycling.

Want to sell your old car fast in Brisbane?

Selling a vehicle can be an extensive process that can eat into your time and energy, not to mention your bank balance. To get a good price on a car that still runs, you have to make sure it’s roadworthy (which is a tough ask for many older cars). A potential buyer may have additional requirements before they will part with their cash. If they decide to walk away, you’re still left with your car, and out of pocket too.

With Metal Biz we don’t beat around the bush. Want to sell your car? Fine by us, we’re not fussy about what condition it’s in or even if it runs. Get in contact by filling out our quote form or by calling us on 0468 72 72 72. We’ll tell you how much you can get for your car, and if you agree, then we’ll make a time to simply drop by with a truck and pick it up to make it easy for you. You’ll fill out some paperwork in exchange for cash, then that’s the last you’ll see of it. It’s a quick, simple and painless process.

Often if you book before 2 pm, we can remove the car on the same day. You just need to make sure you’re at home when we arrive.

Why use Metal Biz to scrap your car in Brisbane?

Metal Biz is Brisbane’s premium auto wreckers, we’re professional, environment friendly and we get the job done with the minimum of hassle to you. You can trust us to salvage as much scrap car removal metal as possible and to dispose of your vehicle responsibly to limit the impact on the environment. We’re well aware of the need to keep Brisbane’s waterways clean and have taken the necessary steps to do our part in reducing water runoff.


Want us to take your car for cash and recycle it for scrap metal? Give us a call today or fill in our online quote form.  

Last updated on October 23rd, 2021 at 12:58 pm